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Tips for Ordering Bulk SD Cards

SD Cards are a type of memory card, compact and versatile, serving as a Storage Bridge among various digital devices. Bulk SD Cards are a popular accessory for mainstream gadgets. Their size offers big space savings in electronic devices.

To order the right SD Cards, especially in bulk, it's crucial to conduct thorough research before making a purchase. Bulk orders involve more items and money than retail orders. This requires careful thought.

SD Card Prices for Bulk Orders

SD Cards come in many storage sizes. Finding cheap ones depends on the size you choose. For instance, 8GB SD Cards are in high demand. They have a standard capacity found in the market. They will have different prices. For example, 16GB is the cheapest.

Starting Your First Bulk Purchase of SD Cards

Buyers need to understand the specific uses for these SD Cards. They also need to know if an SD adapter is necessary. Knowing this in advance is important. SD Cards can vary a lot based on different parameters.

To get a good deal, learn all the parameters of these storage devices. Do this before placing orders.

Identifying SD Cards and Micro SD Cards

SD Cards are known for their portability and are only one quarter the size of a standard SD card. Sometimes referred to as T-flash cards, their main function is data storage. The largest capacity available in the market is the 1TB SDXC card. It shows how much these small devices can store.

Distinguishing between MicroSD and Standard SD Cards is straightforward, primarily based on size. Smaller devices use Bulk MicroSD Cards. Larger equipment prefers Standard SD Cards.

So if you need to distinguish MicroSD from Standard SD Card, the easy way is to know from the size. Moreover the device they worked is also different, as we mentioned previously, we can know their difference by eyes. There is one rule we can follow, smaller device normally go for bulk MicroSD but bigger equipment loves Standard SD Card.

Devices That Prefer SD Cards

SD Memory Cards are ideal for storing data and are a popular choice for devices requiring a data center.

Classification of Devices Using SD Cards:

1. High-capacity and high-transfer-speed SD Cards are suitable for storing photos, videos, and are commonly used in smartphones and sports cameras like GoPro.
2. Low-capacity SD Cards are a good choice for devices like Fishing GPS that require map data storage.
3. Digital tablets and game players often use SD Cards to store preloaded software or games.
4. MP3 players and Bluetooth speakers use SD Cards to download music.

Types of Bulk SD Cards

SD Cards are categorized into three main types: SD Card, SDHC Card, and SDXC Card. These classifications define the capacity range, from low to high. SD cards offer 128MB to 2GB. SDHC stands for SD High Capacity and offers 4GB to 32GB. SDXC is SD Extended Capacity and offers 32GB to 2TB.

When choosing Bulk SD Cards for your devices, consider the device's max capacity. For example, some phones may only support up to 32GB, while others can accommodate 256GB.

Writing and Reading Speed of Bulk SD Cards

While speed is often a priority, it's essential to match the speed of the SD Card with the performance of the device it will be used in. Overly fast cards can cause issues in devices not designed for high-speed performance.

Parameters related to speed include Class. Class indicates writing speed (Class 4, 6, 10). There is also UHS (Ultra High Speed), which gives reading speed info. The latest standards, A1 and A2, define the minimum writing and reading speed based on IOPS.

Choosing the Right SD Cards

Here's a simple guide to help you select the appropriate cards for your products:

1. Class 4/6: Suitable for low-end phones, MP3 players, MP4 players, Bluetooth speakers, electronic pianos, baby monitors, and other devices supporting slower versions.
2. Class 10/UHS-1: Ideal for high-end phones, cameras, dashcams, GPS devices, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation, tablets, and any electronic devices supporting SDHC.
3. UHS-3/V60/V90: Recommended for drones, industrial equipment, 4K sports cameras, smartphones, and any 4K devices.

Top Brand vs. OEM SD Cards

No matter how famous brand or reliable source you ordered, the after sales service is very important for your bulk SD Card order. Although you know well of how to select the SD Card, you still may get failed pieces or unexpected issues with your order. The first thing came to you is to resolve it, and then the after sales service will be the key for this puzzle. We should cooperate with the memory card wholesaler who supports long time warranty, fast response and positive solution for the problems. This is another direct tip for placing order. 

MRT: A Trusted Source for Bulk SD Cards

With over 10 years of experience in the bulk memory cards business, MRT offers worldwide shipping and provides a 5-year or lifetime warranty for storage products. For any bulk order inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Bulk SD Card Stocks can be shipped within one day, and we offer free shipping for orders of 300pcs or more. MRT also provides customized services for data preload, logo printing, and package design. As a Memory Card Manufacturer and Supplier, we guarantee 100% full capacity, real speed, and extended warranties for all our Bulk SD Cards.

Bulk SD card stocks can be shipped within 1 day

there is free shipping for 300pcs. Therefore any orders for bulk sd cards can be proceeded with MRT, MRT is available customized service for data preload, logo printing and package design. With over 10 years experience for manufacturing and selling SD cards in bulk, all the bulk sd cards we sell can guarantee 100% full capacity, real speed and 5 years or lifetime warranty.

Answers for Customer Questions? Q&A

Q:How can we make sure the quality of our Memory card order?
A:We have strict testing process, all the orders will be passed reliability test, temperature test, drop test and H2test; the failure rate will be less than 0.2/%
Q:What’s the largest capacity for Micro SD Memory card?
A:2TB is just launched in the market, but the price is not friendly for consumer market, we recommend 1TB instead.
Q:How long can I get the order?
A:It will take around 3 days to America, 5 days to Europe and the other area if you are requesting for bulk order. For customized order,please Contact US
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