Testing in Manufacturer

Quality is highly concerned by all our clients; quality control will be our primary duty to manage. How to guarantee outstanding performance for  memory products? The core will be the chip and pcb we use, how to do the testing on them? And how many procedures for one complete QA process? We will find answers with MRT test.

MRT procedure on Quality Control

What kind tests we proceed during mass production?

  • Speed and Full capacity Test  (Specification Test)

The speed and capacity of Every memory card or USB flash drives will be tested before printing or assembly, Mrt will do selection on speed, and pick the qualified products; Also, there will be H2test prepared for finding out chips with ink dies.

  • Compatibility Test

Storage products are applied in varies devices, the cards or drives are failed to use if they are not compatible with these equipment.  Therefore, all the memory products will be tested with related motherboard or application system.

  • Temperature Test

Important data are frequently written to the memory cards, the working temperature is much higher than non-working time. MRT will test our products from -40 to 85, and classify the cards into industrial and consume version.

  • Endurance Test

The products are not artistic work, they must stand negative effect from daily use. This test combines drop test, pull test, connection test and stress test, it will guarantee stable and strong products from mass production.

  • Burn-in Test

No matter memory cards or USB Flash drives will go through life circle test, it is the way to prove how long we can use them. MRT will run on thousands cycles to check if the module still can work after it, this test will be also affected by temperature and humidity. The process is each memory unit will finish one complete loop or writing and reading, then we will repeat this step till malfunction.

  • Finished Products inspection

It is the key step before delivery. MRT will inspect the appearance, printing, color and capacity of all products, it is going to be done prior to packaging.

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