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SDHC SD Card supports

What is SDHC SD Cards

Bulk SDHC Card supports 4GB as minimum capacity and 32GB as maximum one; it is the symbol of high capacity and high definition. Therefore, these memory cards are usually applied in DSLR Camera or HD recorder due to the stability. It is the upgraded generation of SD card, but this format of memory card cannot be backwards compatible with the equipment not supporting SDHC. However, there is one solution for the backward compatibility, you can use SDHC card reader to read these cards in PC or tablets.

The format of SDHC card is FAT32; this is different from SD version. So you could check the devices you are using, and confirm the workable format. The source for SDHC card from MRT is all using original chips such as Samsung, SanDisk, Intel and Hynix, the warranty can be as long as ten years. No matter when you purchase with MRT, the failed ones can be replaced or repaired at once.

There is MOQ for the capacity below SDHC Card 16GB if you order with MRT, it is 100pcs only. It is one acceptable quantity for trial order, also the sample is free for testing.

Guides for ordering Bulk SDHC SD Cards
  • Bulk SDHC Cards are good accessories for Game player 3DS, picture and video capture Camera, and all portable digital devices feature SDHC card slot.
  • SDHC Memory cards are designed for capacity above 4GB, you have to check the max capacity supporting by your device
  • Wholesale SDHC cards have write protection switch, it is positively avoiding accidental data loss.
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