128gb u3 Micro SDXC card

128GB Micro SDXC Card U3 Dash Cam

Bulk 256gb Micro SDXC Card

256GB Micro SDXC U3 Industrial Grade

512GB Bulk Micro SDXC Card

512GB Micro SDXC U3 Surveillance Card

1TB Micro SDXC Card

1TB Micro SDXC U3 4K UHD


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Speed Micro SDXC U3 Version

Micro SDXC card Version
Speed Micro SD Card Same as UHS-I, Micro SDHC Card UHS-III delivers pro speed by UHS bus interface. Memory cards in this grade can reach 30MB/s by write, but sometimes MRT can produce sources with 50MB/s. The transferring speed also depends on the controller and flash. As we only use original Samsung, SanDisk and Micron flash, the quality is stable and durable. U3 is a nice option as if you expect move thousands of photos in minutes. Undoubtedly, ultra-speed is a charming reason for ordering them. As it grants you freedom to do fast shoot by DSLR cameras, you are free from time lag. Besides it, high performance and large capacity of this rank, Micro SD U3 card can perfectly store 4K video.
UHS Bus Interface
What makes the U3 MicroSD super-fast? It is UHS bus interface. This interface is a direct effect on speed, otherwise the maximum theoretical read speed cannot be as high as 150mb/s. As if wholesale MicroSD card builds with this interface, you are joining a surfing world.
Product for Speed Micro SD Card UHS-III version
MRT offers Micro SDXC Micro SD card 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB in this range. These bulk Micro SDXC cards are almost top level. With extreme speed, people will be in the pursuit of large capacity. Therefore, the capacity of Micro SD cards is no less than 64GB. Otherwise, it is easily getting full in storage due to the ultra speed.
Reasonable cost
Although MicroSDXC cards in this group presenting high speed and capacity, the price is not the highest one. MRT is a manufacturer for memory cards over 15 years. To support our valuable clients, we set the lowest discount online. Moreover, there is 5 years warranty for them. Basically, there is no failure rate for U3 cards. As they are produced with best flash, rigorous test, and stable BOM. Please contact us for free sample shipping.
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