What is 1.8 MSATA ?can i use M 2 SSD in Msata slot,is Msata faster than SSD?

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What is 1.8 MSATA SSD?

Solid state drive has sorts of types. The most compact one is 1.8 MSATA SSD, this is similar to a credit card in size. Its name obviously tells that it is a mini and slim storage. It makes the installation in small space easy, therefore, it is an idea choice for portable devices. The interface of it is MicroSATA, the specification follows the standard of SATA. There is a 7-pin interface for data transfer and a 9-pin for power supply. These SSDs are small factor ones. It can be used as a boot drive, or storage disk. Regarding the speed, it is also available for SATA II and SATA III.
The biggest advantage is their small size. Standard SATA SSD is 2.5 inches, but this one is only 1.8 inches. Also, with a SATA adapter, it can connect one MSATA SSD to SATA port. The shape brings versatility to its usage. In addition, smaller size drives lower consumption. mSATA SSD consumes less power comparing to standard SSD. The longevity of battery will be longer due to its energy efficiency. However, compact size leads a narrow space, it means mSATA has less rooms for data components. Therefore, it usually has lower storage capacities than SATA SSD. In contrast, the compatibility of mSATA is much better. Especially for old laptops, they often fail to work with regular SATA drives. All in all, both SSDs are excellent storage drives. They can provide same read and write speed if they are in same version.
The history of mSATA
The first mSATA SSD was launched in 2009. At that time, it only had industrial version available. As it was perfect for ultra slim devices, the cost was higher than regular one. Since the development of mobile devices, we can find mSATA SSD in many devices. Such as tablet PCs, handheld medical equipment, GPS navigation, Gaming machines and so on.
No matter SSDs in regular size or mini one, they are all easy-to-install. Any users expect an upgrade on the performance of devices, they will go for SSD storage. What’s more, SSDs are light weight, your device can be a slim gadget by its help. Meanwhile, the speed guideline of SATA III is 6Gb/s, it means the programs will have a fast load. Furthermore, it is easy to install any types of SSDs, you can complete this process as if you have a screwdriver. Therefore, people of all ages or backgrounds love it.
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