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SD Card adapter
SD Card adapter is a passive wiring reader. The main function is allowing you to use a Micro SD card in a device with SD slot. This is one type of memory card readers, moreover, it is one of the cheapest options. People prefer using all in one, in other words, they love multi functions. Therefore, the market has developed versatile and durable models. Such as memory card adapters, SD card readers, and Micro SD adapters.
The benefits of using adapters
  1. Versatility: It brings versatility for memory cards. With a SD adapter, one Micro SD card can be used as SD Card. Moreover, Micro SD can be a USB drive by using USB card reader. Thus, these adapters or readers are like magicians, they will add extra function to cards.
  2. Cost: Wholesale memory cards are offering divergent prices. Normally, regular SD cards are more expensive than Micro SD cards. To get a markdown, manufacturers launch SD adapter for replacing standard SD.
  3. Convenience: Not all devices use same slot, it is annoyed if you need take several storage medias one time. Also, it will be a mess if you mix them up. Whereas SD card readers and adapters are small and light, it is easy to carry away. These readers can support various memory cards, and adapters can turn Micro SD to SD card.
  4. Compatibility: SD card adapter has high compatibility. No matter it is old device or latest one, you can use Micro SD as regular SD card by it. Obviously, it can be a useful accessory.
  5. Durability: SD adapter is like a rugged shell. It can provide well protection, anti-shock, and anti-dust. It can help reduce wear and tear during the use and extend the lifespan.
How to use SD card reader?
We can use SD card reader connecting with PC, laptop, camera, phone and so on. Let’s introduce the connection with PC and phone here. Most PCs are only with USB port, therefore, we need SD card reader to read memory cards. Firstly, insert bulk Micro SD or SD card into the reader. You need to ensure you insert correctly, otherwise PC will not recognize it. You can access the data when you do right plug. Nowadays custom OTG reader is popular, it brings data access to phones. Therefore, we can own data by this external device. The operation is also easy and simple. At the beginning, you need to connect the OTG reader to your IOS or android phones. Then you will find a new file for external device if you connect successfully.
Do right selection on card reader
Since the devices get thinner and SD card slots have disappeared, it is a must to have card reader. Also, memory cards with various formats, luckily most card readers are compatible. There are some guides to order right accessories.
  1. Multi slots: Slots of card reader are matters. A card reader with one slot only can support memory card in one format. Therefore, you need to check your demands and confirm if you have different card types. You can go for 3 in 1 or 6 in 1 reader if you have numbers of cards, as a reader with multi slots is handy.
  2. Shells and Material: The design and material for card readers is worth considering. You can choose metal or aluminum alloy if you need a rugged shell. Plus, there are cartoon, business, and custom style. You can get a unique design following your preferences.
  3. Speed: If you expect a fast data transfer, it is crucial to notice the speed of reader. The speed depends on the USB version of card reader and card itself. For example, if you have one card with UHS-III, you must use USB 3.0 or above. Otherwise, the speed will be slowing down if you use USB 2.0 or lower.
  4. Warranty: Warranty is a good sign to tell the after-sales service of wholesale manufacturer. Card reader has a wide range in price, from a few cents to dozens of dollars. Thus, you need to take care the features and quality. To make sure a long lifespan, we must highlight the warranty, it is a quality teller.
To make life easy, you need a capable helper. To make memory cards versatile, you need a powerful SD adapter or reader. The process of loading photos from your camera to your computer is simpler. Undoubtedly, it is a wise decision to order memory card reader.
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