Cusom Micro SD Cards with Unique
design and Performance

MRT will provide you specialize design and professional solution, your memory
cards will be unique branding assets for your business

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How to start

Share your logo or idea with US

You need unique memory cards, let’s start work on it. We only need you to share your logo or idea with us, we will bring youane femarkable design on ppearince or pachapa. As we have indopendent team of innovatlve and creative doslignars to fuihlyour ideas, also wll do positle communicatlon wlth any detals with you. Then you wll recelve images for samples withorntire. your dea wa be arye on thase buk memony cards

Specific chips for professional Device

You worry about the compatlbllty betwotn matory cards and equlpmint? We can iyovide you desgnated sourtes fer rolateddevleos, what we nood is the into of your oroducts, then we cn produce the cards alth compatlble controler or fiash, Als0,you can adhiso us the spicihe chlp yoy noed, we can proceed the same in mass productlon. We aro not just making distinctlvedeaign of your logo, but alkso create high quality memony inside

Memory cards Mass production

Our goal is to tumn your ldeas into reallty. With optmized ahip and personalized deslgn, the customlzed memory cards inhnished products are going to launch. To make sure precise work and perteat product, we wll bring you samples be’ore massproductionAho, &amplos are undorooing sate lesting procedure as the ones frcrn mras poduetian. No mater it is fer iOc, 00C.2teaor rellsbilty test we follcw the same standard.Therefore. you wil have 100% guarantee for your customized mmemry cards from mass produation.

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Customized Service

Free Design

We are quick responding for design requests, client may receive mockup within 2 to 4 hours. We hope our effective service can help you win satisfied project, it is our service concept.

Data Preload

The Unique look is the design, you may also have particular content for sharing, advertising or using. We will provide data preload service, the content you requested will be confidential file belonging to you, it will be removed when we complete this order. Therefore, it is safe to work with MRT.

Customized Sample

Sample is the best work to present how custom design made. It will block any doubts from proceeding mass production, this is the direct way to let you feel the design, shape, quality and guarantee you will get as perfect product as you expect.

Customized Sample

Manufacturer will be the perfect place to guarantee original design. All the production is strictly following ISO 9001 standard, the quality of product and the time of production can be effectively controlled on our own, the finished product will precisely meet the highest standard and shortest time.

Designated Shipment

Hurry for your order? We have cooperated with various logistics company over decades, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, and international air companies. If no customs issues, we can guarantee 2 days to America, 3 days to Europe. You also can designate any forwarders you prefer; we have logistics people help you.

Personalized Package

Package will protect wholesale memory cards from damage and dust, also it can tell products introduction in details. One pretty package will help your products outstanding, Mrt always focus on unique design on package and printing, it brings incredible connection to the product. Maybe this personalize package will record one cherish memory for your company or work team, it is not only creating business but also love.

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