Custom Memory Memorial Cards Cards with Unique design & Performance

MRT Custom SD & Micro SD Cards will provide you specialize design solution,  bulk memory cards will be unique branding assets for your business

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How to start Custom memory cards

Share your logo or idea with US

Custom memory cards: You need unique memory cards, let’s start work on it. We only need you to share your logo or idea with us, we will bring you one remarkable design on appearance or package. As we have independent team of innovative and creative designers to fulfill your ideas, also will do positive communication with any details with you. Then you will receive images for samples with printing, your idea will be alive on these bulk sd cards and bulk micro sd cards.custom memory cards

Memory Needs for Playing Online Casino Games with Crash Titles

When playing exciting online casino games, especially those involving new crash game mechanics, having sufficient memory on your computer is key for an optimal experience. Let’s look at ideal memory requirements.

For casinos with graphics-rich slots and table games, 8GB of RAM is recommended for smooth performance even with multiple titles open. 16GB RAM provides breathing room for additional programs running in background. For immersive live dealer games streamed in HD quality, 16GB is preferred.

Memory needs also depend on operating system. Windows 10 or 11 paired with 8GB RAM delivers solid performance for most casino games. But 16GB RAM is better for Mac users on macOS to handle graphics rendering.

High quality 3D and VR casino games demand more RAM, especially with detailed environments and physics. Here 16GB is minimum, but 32GB RAM ensures lag-free play. Graphics card memory also becomes important.

Crash games add dynamic elements that can be resource intensive. For basic 2D titles like classic Coin Crash, 8GB suffices. But innovative 3D crash games with advanced graphics require 16GB+ RAM.

Faster RAM speeds also help – 3200MHz or higher provides snappier response. And having an SSD rather than HDD improves load times significantly.

So aim for 16GB+ RAM for optimal casino site performance, enabling quick loading and stutter-free gaming. Test playing multiple titles simultaneously to confirm your computer can handle the memory needs. Close unnecessary apps when playing for best experience.

Specific chips for professional Equipment

You worry about the compatibility between memory cards and equipment? We can provide you designated sources for related devices, what we need is the info of your products, then we can produce the cards with compatible controller or flash. Also, you can advise us the specific chip you need, we can proceed the same in mass production. We are not just making distinctive design of your logo, but also create high quality memory inside.

Memory cards Mass production

Our goal is to turn your ideas into reality. With optimized chip and personalized design, the Customized Memorial Cards in finished products are going to launch. To make sure precise work and perfect product, we will bring you samples before mass production.

Also, Samples are undergoing same testing procedure as the ones from mass production. No matter it is for IQC, OQC, H2test, or reliability test, we follow the same standard.

Therefore, you will have 100% guarantee for your customized memory cards from mass production.

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Customized memory cards Service

Free Design

Free Design

We are quick responding for design requests, client may receive mockup within 2 to 4 hours. We hope our effective service can help you win satisfied project, it is our service concept.

Data Preload

Data Preload

The Unique look is the design, you may also have particular content for sharing, advertising or using. We will provide data preload service, the content you requested will be confidential file belonging to you, it will be removed when we complete this order. Therefore, it is safe to work with MRT.

Customized Sample

Customized Sample

Sample is the best work to present how custom design made. It will block any doubts from proceeding mass production, this is the direct way to let you feel the design, shape, quality and guarantee you will get as perfect product as you expect.

bulk memory cards


Manufacturer will be the perfect place to guarantee original design. All the production is strictly following ISO 9001 standard, the quality of product and the time of production can be effectively controlled on our own, the finished product will precisely meet the highest standard and shortest time.

Designated Shipment

Hurry for your order? We have cooperated with various logistics company over decades, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, and international air companies. If no customs issues, we can guarantee 2 days to America, 3 days to Europe. You also can designate any forwarders you prefer; we have logistics people help you.

Personalized Package

Personalized Package

Package will protect wholesale memory cards from damage and dust, also it can tell products introduction in details. One pretty package will help your products outstanding, Mrt always focus on unique design on package and printing, it brings incredible connection to the product. Maybe this personalize package will record one cherish memory for your company or work team, it is not only creating business but also love.

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