what is a CF compact flash card ?what is cf memory card 300X ?

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CF card 300x

what is a cf card
300X CF Camera Memory card is a faster version, the read speed is up to 45MB/s. Moreover, it is perfect for use in extreme temperature conditions. It has been almost 30 years since the first launch, the design and quality of CF card has improved a lot. Otherwise, it is impossible to keep up with developing technology. CFA sets a series of standards for CompactFlash cards; users will follow their instruction to know the different types.
CF Card Feature
The environment for producing CF card is a dust-free workshop, also the raw materials are all RoHS compliant. 300X CF card meets the standard of CF 4.0, it supports wear-leveling to extend product life. Meanwhile, it adopts true IDE mode, and supports UDMA0-5, MDMA0-4 and PIO0-6. As it has built-in ECC and supports security command, CompactFlash card has low failure rate. What’s more, it has no moving parts due to a solid physical design. Therefore, CF card delivers a high reliability and compatibility. Obviously, it is a great option for who ask for long-term storage.
Why go for CF card?
Firstly, it can stand extreme temperature and shocks, there will be no damage due to durable nature. Thus, users are free from worries to load important photos or files there. Secondly, CompactFlash card can support up to 512GB, you can store a large amount of data on it. How can a photo enthusiastic reject it? One 512 CF card can load over 36,000pcs Raw images in 4MP, also it only takes hours to finish a full read. Above all, high compatibility is a big advantage for it. There are various devices compatible with CompactFlash cards. Such as high-end cameras, PDA, Portable PC, CNC machines, Data Logger, and related industrial equipment.
How to keep data on Compact Flash card in long time?
  1. Get a right version. CF cards also have various version in different speed. Normally you can take high speed for cameras, and low speed for industrial machines. It will ensure that your data uploading is safe and smooth.
  2. Put aside CF cards in a cool and dry place. Any electronic gadgets are sensitive to the temperature and humidity, so it is essential to keep cards in a perfect place. Although CF camera card can withstand extreme temperature, the lifespan gets shorter if we always put it in a hot or humid environment.
  3. Do regular format and checking. If you need to use one CF in different devices, it is better to do format before using. Also, you need to clean the connection ports if you do not use it often, it is way to maintain its performance and lifecycle.
CF Camera memory cards are classic storage for decade years. At first, numerous devices only keep CF slot, for instance, DSLR cameras, data logging machines, CNC, etc. Although it occupies a large space, the high quality and durable shape allows manufacturer to continue using it as a storage accessory. All in all, CompactFlash card is an ideal choice for shooting high-resolution video and photos.
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