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Sd Card Reader & Memory Card Adapter

Memory Card Reader
Accessory is a thing attaching to main product, which adds function, beauty, or convenience. For example, cable is one kind of accessory for phones and laptops. Memory card accessory is a super assistant for most memory products. Such as SD card reader, Memory card reader, OTG USB reader, and so on.
What is a memory card reader?
This is a small device supporting data access on memory card. The main function of it is to upload, download and share files among different equipment. As most laptops, PC, or tablets are not equipping with specific slots for bulk memory cards. Therefore, users need a helper to achieve data exchange. In addition, card readers come in diverse shape and size. Some are offering USB connector, some are supporting Typec one. All of them can successfully turn memory cards into USB flash drives or OTG USB. What’s more, they can provide multi slots for cards. In this way, one reader can work with Bulk Micro SD, wholesale SD card, CF memory card, and MMC. It is really a powerful accessory with low cost.
How to use card reader?
It supports plug and play and is more likely a USB flash drive. You can view photos or videos when connect it to your PC’s USB port or tablet’s Type c port. The connecting process must be gentle, as you need to take care the horizontal port. There is an only one right way to do connection for USB port. In contrast, Type c ensures fumble- free reversible plug. Also, the connection is fast, easy, and powerful for smartphones, tablets, computers, and other larger platforms. To make sure same transferring speed, the card reader you use must be compatible with memory card. For instance, if you use one Micro SD UHS-3 card in a USB 2.0 reader, the max speed will follow 2.0 standard. Thus, you need use USB 3.0 instead. Otherwise, you fail to get fast speed.
The types of card readers

We can classify the readers by slots, speed, and connector. Firstly, let’s check about the slots difference.

1.Single-slot card reader

Obviously, this card reader just supports one type of memory card. The design of this reader is simple, slim, and light, it is also a cost-efficient option.

2.Multi-slots card reader

This card reader delivers multifunction and high level. The chip inside can be compatible with different protocol; therefore, the price is more expensive.

The connector of card reader mainly has USB, Type-c, Micro USB, and Lightening. These designs are related to the devices you use. To read memory card in most equipment, manufacturers have developed card readers in versatile shapes. Moreover, they have different speed version. It is almost same as standard USB flash drive, there are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

Advantage of using card readers
It is portable and easy for operation. There is no need for software installation, the data can be read by connection with USB port or Type-C. The process is straightforward with no technical skills. Moreover, it is portable for carrying away. The shape is even smaller than a regular USB stick, you can easily take it for traveling.
As if you have memory cards at hand, you will understand the importance of accessory. MRT offers a wide range of card readers, SD adapters, plastic cases and OTG drives. High-quality memory cards work with first grade card readers. If you are looking for giveaways, these accessories are good choices.
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