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Micro SD Card U1 Version

UHS-I Speed Version
There are three different speed grades for wholesale MicroSD Cards. The entrance level is class, the next level is UHS-I and UHS-III, then the final one is Video speed. Obviously, the speed is getting faster and faster. They have unique symbol to stand for each other. U1 (UHS Speed Class 1) uses “U” as brief symbol to identify Micro SD with UHS-I. In order to classify bulk memory cards, these speed classes are important to tell specific cards. UHS-1 Micro SD Card has a minimum writing of 10MB/s, but MRT usually can provide 20-30MB/s. In addition, the reading speed can be as fast as 70MB/s. With this fast speed, MicroSD in this type can cater for high-end camera, drone, 4K dash cam and many devices with high resolution. Therefore, we also call it Full HD MicroSD.
UHS Bus Interface
What makes the Micro SD Card U1 higher performance? It is UHS bus interface. This interface is a direct effect on speed, otherwise the maximum theoretical read speed cannot be as high as 100mb/s. This advanced technology can provide sustained data transferring, it can grantee write speed of 30MB/s, for instance. You may wonder UHS-1 MicroSD card can lead speedy transfer all the time or not. In fact, you need to get device supporting U1 if you need no loss on speed. Also, it is a backward compatible MicroSDHC card. So, you can use it in both high-end and low-end equipment. The difference will be performance. To experience the speed benefit, please make sure you get devices in real UHS interface.
Product for UHS-I version
MRT offers Micro SDHC 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB in this range. Especially for 32GB, the promotional price is even cheaper than class 10. At present, U1 MicroSD is a main supply for high capacity. It not only delivers high speed but also competitive cost. Please contact us for free shipping and discount.
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