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What is NVMe?
NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Memory express, this is another communication interface with more bandwidths. Its destiny is to raise the performance and efficiency of storage system, it builds a direct contact with CPU. Therefore, it saves lots of loading and computing time. What’s more, NVMe SSDs normally work with PCle bus, it has no limit to the form factor. This is another represent of low latency data path to the media. Furthermore, it will proceed a great numbers of parallel command queues instead of single one. The working process of NVMe is same as the other type of SSDs. However, its speed of executing the commands and tasks is faster. Let’s a look at the history of NVMe. The first one was launched in 2008, there were 14 versions coming into the market during these 15 years.
The Advantages and Disadvantages
High speed is an unbeatable weapon for NVMe M.2 SSD. It is a primary benefit, and you can get 2.5 times faster than SATA one. To save loading time, NVMe M.2 is always the best choice. Apart from speed, SSD in this type delivers powerful storage capacity. The max capacity can be up to 8TB, it is almost 25 times more than HDD. Therefore, the storage space is large enough to load movies, videos, and photos. In addition, the bandwidth is more than SATA version, it is another factor improving performance. Although NVMe is a super SSD comparing with the others, it still has some drawbacks. Firstly, the high cost keeps people away. As it adopts latest technology and interface, high performance drives expensive offer. Besides it, NVMe requests high compatibility system, standard devices cannot work with it.
How to install NVMe SSD?
To install a new SSD storage, you must back up all your data including videos, photos, and files. Also, you need to check if your device can support NVMe version. It is same as the way of using SDHC cards in SDHC slot, otherwise the compatibility will be an issue. You must be careful of the gold connector pins when you plan to insert your SSD. Do not touch those pins before connecting it to the slot, the process must be gentle. Normally the M.2 Slot is close to the CPU, therefore, you can find it easily. Then you can use your screwdriver to assemble your SSD. You will get a new experience when installment has completed. To test the performance of your NVMe SSD, you can run on a game application, let’s see the amazing process.
NVMe M.2 SSD is the trend for storage, more and more PCs and laptops develop compatible motherboards for it. As we introduced previously, NVMe used a new protocol with high-speed capability. It has become an essential storage in consumer market. Also, latest NVMe is working with PCI express slot, this slot connects to the CPU providing memory-like access. All in all, NVMe is important for daily life and enterprise systems. The unique feature of it helps users to avoid the bottlenecks for database. With its high performance and low latency, NVMe M.2 SSD will be in large demands.
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