CF Card 64GB

64GB CF Card 1000X

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  • Support Industrial PC, High-end DSLR Cameras, Canon EOS camera, Full HD Camcorder, and professional level DSLR
  • Minimum sequential read speed is 150MB/s
  • Support UDMA 7
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Product description:
Technical detail
manufacture MRT
Flash Type MLC And SLC
Capacity 64GB
Weight 18g (0.63 oz)
Speed 80-100MB/s by Write, 100-120MB/s by Read
Dimension for Standard CF Card 40x36x3mm (L x W x D)
Storage temperature: -30° C - 75°
Operating Temperature -25° C to 75 °C (recommended)
Shipping Time 3 - 5 days by DHL
Custom Sticker Size: 20x25mm (mm)  / 1.50 x 1.25  inches
Testing we have for CF 64GB 1000X Bulk Card
compact flash(CF card) will work on most machines with newer controls from the past 7 years. Older machines will require SRAM cards which have very small capacity usually less then 8MB and run on a different voltage. Has been tested on controls including 16i/18i/21i and above and newer Mitsubishi controls. Make sure you set device to channel 4 () or it will not look for the card on controls.
H2test result for bulk CF 64GB 1000X Bulk Card:
CF 64GB 1000X Bulk Card Datasheet
product detail

64GB CF (CompactFlash) card is using non-volatile flash to store data. It is a low-cost communication media, which is suitable for playing in the extreme environment. In fact, the standard of this memory card is to meet the needs of serious professional photographers. What’s more, 1000X speed is greatly fast. This rating can provide smooth access to all your data, photos, and videos without lagging. Furthermore, it can run from Ultra DMA Mode 0 to 7, the read speed is up to 160MB/s. For example, it ensures maximum performance for high-end digital camera equipment. Meanwhile CompactFlash 64GB is equipped with NAND flash in premium quality. Therefore, the long-life span and super speed is guaranteed. Especially for the excellent compatibility, 1000X 64GB can work with high-range DSLRs, Full HD camcorders and sport cameras.

The main features of 64GB CF card

  1. High capacity: The storage capacity is 64GB. After that, it can load over 9000 RAW Images at 14 Megapixels and 16 hours Full HD video.
  2. High speed: 1000X CF card offers super-fast speeds; it supports VPG-20 for full HD, 3D and even 4K UHDTV video. This 64GB card delivers stable and high-quality videos all the time.
  3. Durability: Custom CF 64GB card uses RTV silicone coating, it can protect card from shock and vibration
  4. Low power consumption: NAND flash memory consumes very little power, making it ideal for use with digital cameras, PDAs and more.
  5. Compact size: It is a pocket storage; you can carry it easily for your business trip.

CompactFlash 64GB 1000x can store numerous photos in RAW format faster than ever before. Additionally, CompactFlash memory card can work in harsh conditions and use in cutting-edge digital equipment.

Quality standard

Compact Flash Card Technical data

  • Capacity: 64GB
  • Read speed: up to 160 MB/s  (1000X)
  • Write speed: up to 120 MB/s
  • Performance: it is fast enough to shoot 4K video and higher resolution
  • Storage temperature: -30° C – 75° C- Operating temperature: -25° C – 75°
Where to USE – 64GB CF card

There are abundant equipment working with CF 64GB flash card.

  • High-end DSLRs
  • Canon 5D Mk III, D800
  • Industrial PC
  • Full HD Camcorders
  • Hybrid Cameras
Notes for Using CF Card:

CF card is a comparatively precise electronic gadget. To extend its life span, there are some matters to be aware.

  • At first CF card is not thick enough to stand any fold, you must be careful of the pins. The function of these pins is to connect and transfer data. If you do hard plug or wrong connection, the pin is easily getting break or damage.
  • The shell of CF card is made of Plastic. To use it properly, you need to keep the storage card in dry and room temperature.
  • Please pay attention to the positive and negative sides of the CF card when connecting with the equipment, you can get data right away after it. In addition, please avoid heavy drop to the ground, the component may be affected by it.

MLC Flash (Contact us if you go for SLC)

Logo printing

CF card regularly use sticker for logo. As it is the biggest memory card so far, the size for logo printing is huge. You can add logo messages or designs in colorful printing.

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R. KisterMay 22, 2023
I bought it for my photography team and using it in my Canon 7d camera and can feed it rapid frames all day long.
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