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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Class 4 SD Cards for Businesses

What is class 4 sd card?
A Class 4 SD card is an SD card with a speed class rating of 4. This means that the card guarantees a minimum sustained write speed of 4 megabytes per second (MB/s). This class rating is from the SD Association's standardization. It helps consumers understand SD card performance. The weight is as light as 2 grams, people use it in old mobile devices to expand the space for music, files, and photos.

SD Card in bulk is the first SD model released by SD Association. The main function of it is to store data, extend the loading space for the device and share information among different devices. SD memory card has been popular for almost 15 years; the application of SD Card is mostly for camera and GPS tracker.
As SD Card is for low capacity, the purchase of it is stable due to the limited sources.

The solution for SD Card 128MB, 256MB and 512MB is very rare, as the profits of them are less, most SD Card manufacturers are no longer producing them. However, MRT Memory team insists on producing SD card in all ranges, as we must satisfy all the demands from our clients. The warranty of low capacity SD Card is 1 year, we do the same aftersales service as the other memory products.

Why Choose Class 4 SD Cards Bulk for Your Business?
Class 4 SD cards are generally more affordable than higher-class cards. If your business operates under tight budget constraints or requires a large number of SD cards, opting for Class 4 SD Card can yield significant cost savings without excessive performance compromise.
Reliable for Basic Tasks
Despite their entry-level classification, Class 4 SD cards are reliable for a variety of business tasks:
  • Photo Storage: Ideal for businesses involved in standard photography.
  • Document Storage: Perfect for storing and transferring documents.
  • Standard Definition Video: Suitable for SD video recording and playback.
  • Data Backup: Useful for routine data backups.

Widespread Compatibility
Class 4 SD cards are compatible with numerous devices including:
  • Digital Cameras: Suitable for standard photography needs.
  • Entry-Level Camcorders: Useful for basic video recording.
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Expandable storage for additional files and applications.
  • Computers: Efficient for data transfer and storage needs.
Where to use Class 4 SD card Bulk?
Especially those low-end devices and old-fashioned gadgets, the demands of these SD cards in small capacities are still high. In fact, SD card offers consumers freedom to allocate the space in varies ways. Nowadays, you can find this tiny storage in camera, kid toy, Bluetooth speaker and mobile phones. Even for the laptops, they still have SD slot.
How is the demand for Class 4 SD card?
The daily order for SD card can be as high as 80000pcs from MRT, the good sales is thanks to the competitive price, good quality and perfect service. What’s more, we must follow up the trend of market. Although there are many high ranks of storage, we still need SD card for basic products.
The life cycle for Class 4 SD card Bulk Purchase
It is a semiconductor product and consists of controller and flash. The main function is to store information in flash memory. Therefore, we can believe it is a precise media made by rigorous technology. The lifespan of it can be as long as 10 years, as if you use it in proper way.
The extra service for Bulk Class 4 SD card
Wholesale SD Card class 4 is available for custom logo, package, and solution. In addition, MRT provides SD card copy service, it is free for any clients with 1000pcs order.
Advantages of Using Class 4 SD Cards
Class 4 SD cards are generally the most cost-effective option compared to higher-speed cards. They offer a cheap solution for businesses. The businesses need reliable storage but not high-speed data transfer.
Sufficient for Many Applications
For businesses where high-speed data transfer isn’t critical, Class 4 sd cards are more than adequate. They're suitable for: Standard Definition Video Recording: Handles the data stream effectively without dropped frames. Basic Photography: Stores images efficiently, though not ideal for burst shooting modes in professional photography. Document Storage: Reliable for storing and transferring documents and small data files.
Most electronic devices that use SD cards support Class 4 SD cards. This makes them a versatile choice. They work with many types of equipment, such as cameras, smartphones, tablets, and computers.  
Guides for ordering Class 4 SD Card Bulk Purchase:
  • To check if the devices equipping with SD slot, as many clients like saying SD Cards for all memory cards, some are only working with Micro SD, but they mistakenly think these two are same cards; therefore you have to order before noting these details.
  • To confirm the space you need. As SD cards state for low capacity, if your devices need 4GB or above, you have to go for SDHC, and then there is no necessary to check the price of SD Card.
  • SD Cards are forward compatible with the slot supporting SDHC or SDXC. It means you could save much money on purchasing regular SD Cards for high-end cameras.
For businesses whose demands surpass what a Class 4 SD card can offer, consider:
Class 10 SD Cards
Minimum Write Speed: 10 MB/s. Better suited for Full HD video recording and high-speed photography.
UHS-I and UHS-II Cards
Minimum Write Speed: Up to 312 MB/s. Ideal for 4K video recording, professional photography, and applications requiring high-speed data transfers.
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