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Standard version Bulk Memory SD Card

what is a sd card used for?
Bulk Memory Card SD Card is standard version. The capacity for it is ranging from 128mb to 2gb, which is focus on low capacity and low speed. Although this type SD Cards is storing less space, the market for them is still huge. SD card in this early version is widely used in ATM Machine, GPS, Data tracker, Camera and all devices with SD slot. SD Card in bulk is the first SD model released by SD Association. The main function of it is to store data, extend the loading space for the device and share information among different devices. SD memory card has been popular for almost 15 years; the application of SD Card is mostly for camera and GPS tracker. As SD Card is for low capacity, the purchase of it is stable due to the limited sources. The solution for SD Card 128MB, 256MB and 512MB is very rare, as the profits of them are less, most SD Card manufacturers are no longer producing them. However, MRT Memory team insists on producing SD card in all ranges, as we must satisfy all the demands from our clients. The warranty of low capacity SD Card is 1 year, we do the same aftersales service as the other memory products.
Guides for ordering Bulk SD Cards:
To check if the devices equipping with SD slot, as many clients like saying SD Cards for all memory cards, some are only working with Micro SD, but they mistakenly think these two are same cards; therefore you have to order before noting these details. To confirm the space you need. As SD cards state for low capacity, if your devices need 4GB or above, you have to go for SDHC, and then there is no necessary to check the price of SD Card. SD Cards are forward compatible with the slot supporting SDHC or SDXC. It means you could save much money on purchasing regular SD Cards for high-end cameras.
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