SD Memory Card 256MB

256MB SD Card Program Memory

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  • Support Audio player, Bluetooth speaker, Symphonie data logger, recorder, and tablets
  • This card uses Hynix and Samsung Flash
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Product description:
Technical detail
manufacture MRT
Flash Type MLC and TLC
Weight 3g
Speed 2-4MB/s by Write, 10-15MB/s by Read
How many pictures can a 256mb sd card hold? over 64 pictures
Dimension for Standard SD Card 32x24x2mm (L x W x D)
Disk system FAT
Music hour store up to 8 hrs
Video over 20 mins of MPEG-4
Operating Temperature -13º F to 185º F (-25º C to 85 º C)
Storage Temperature -40º F to 185º F (-40º C to 85º C)
Standard SD 2.0
Shipping Time 3 - 5 days by DHL
Custom Sticker Size: 20x25mm (mm)  / 0.78 x 0.98  inches
Testing we have for SD 256MB
Bulk SD 256MB memory cards are our standard supply, we regularly proceed reliability tests and h2test on them. These two tests can positively and timely guarantee the endurance of 128MB cards, every piece we ship will be functional. Moreover, All SD Cards we shipped are formatted, users can use them directly. Tests from MRT aims to provide SD cards in high reliability and long life span, and ensures high compatibility.
H2test result for bulk SD Card 256MB
SD Card 256MB Datasheet
product detail

256mb Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card is SD card in standard size. Firstly, it is perfectly suitable for meeting the demands of small portable devices that need small capacity. Also, it features a high data transfer rate and a built-in security function. In this way, it can secure the data exchange between card and device. It is a universal storage gadget to load and transfer files, images, video, audio among various platforms. Moreover, it is really a great choice for your everyday life. On the other hand, built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss. This Wholesale SD 256MB Card is cost effective for end users, the less space the cheaper cost. Therefore, it is ideal choice for giveaways.

How many pictures can a 256mb sd card hold? 256mb storage device can hold over 100 pictures at 2MB.

Quality standard
  • Speed: 2-4MB/s by Write, 10-15MB/s by Read
  • Package: 50pcs per tray. Standard Packing: Bulk Package
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Lead Time for Wholesale SD 256MB: within one day after order Confirmed; Shipping Time: 3 days by DHL.
  • Compliant: This wholesale SD Card can with any devices with SD slot, which following the SD Card Association card 2.00 specification
  • Security: built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
  • Where to USE: SD card 256MB is stamp-sized flash memory card, it brings extra spaces for variety of digital products. What kind devices are compatible with SD Card 256MB? In fact, you can find this tiny card in varies devices. Such as music player, digital camera, phones, Card navigation, tablets, fishing navigation and speaker. Although the capacity of 256MB SD Card is small, it can load enough digital files for them.
Flash And Controller type
  • Flash Type: SLC and MLC (contact us if you have specific demands)
  • Controller for SD 256MB in USA: The stable option is AX215
  • Order Instruction (Buying Guide) : 300pcs order for 256MB SD Card is free shipping, all the SD card will be in tray or bag Package. You can order online if you accept bulk pack and no customized request, also you can email us if you need own logo or package.
  • MLC Flash (Contact us if you go for SLC)
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Dan MooreJuly 13, 2016
256MB SD Cards are really small and seldom found in market, we ordered these are for testing our camcorders, as the slot for SD card is sometimes can be inserted and connected. In order to avoid damages on clients's cards, so we have test every camcorders by this way.
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