what is u3 on sd card meaning?

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What is the difference among Class 10, U1 and U3?
Class 10 indicates the writing speed of 10MB/s. This is same as U1, but they lead different read speed. Normally Class 10 is only around 20MB/s by read, but U1 can hit up to 80MB/s by read. While U3 is at least 30MB/s by write, and the read can reach 100MB/s or more. Based on printing, it is also easy to identify the difference. Refer to U1 and U3, there are either the number 1 or 3 inside a U symbol. Thus, we can distinguish these cards from the content of labels. Besides it, there is an outstanding dissimilarity on capacity ranges. Thanks to the varies speed, memory card manufacturers normally adopt high speed for high capacity. The U3 SDHC card has more options on capacities comparing to the other types of cards. U3 has a range from 32GB to 1TB, but U1 is available from 16GB to 128GB. This means U3 card fits more for users who expect to store numerous videos and higher quality photos. Generally speaking, we can say that the performance of U3 card is better than U1 on data transfer and capacity option.
Where to use SDHC UHS-3 Card?
Whenever you buy a digital gadget with multi functions, such as photo shooting, video recording, music playing, and data record. You may find yourself needing an SD card to load data. Although most phones have embedded storage, there are many devices preferring portable storage. UHS-3 card has exceptional fast speed, it is perfect for a device requiring fast rating and large capacity. Especially for high-end camera, Raspberry pi, GoPro, Dash cam and drone, U3 card is always a first priority.
About Bulk SD cards speed
SD association has launched varies speed to meet the development of digital market. In fact, UHS SDHC cards are particularly designed for loading 4K-capable footages. As we mentioned previously, UHS-1 SDHC card can provide a fast transfer speed up to 104MB/s. While UHS-3 SDHC card can reach up to 312MB/s, the LVDS technology has greatly improved its performance. The best benefit of the speed is reducing its transition time from dormant to active. In addition, this type of memory card is wonderful for shooting time-lapse or extended videos.
How is the life cycle of bulk SDHC UHS-3 Card?
Normally as if you buy an SDHC card with reliable source and use it properly, the life cycle can be as long as 10 years. Maybe you can keep it work longer, as if the working environment is dry and low humidity. However, it is a digital media, we are hard to predict any damages. Thus, it is wiser for you to do data backup in case any unexpected things happen.
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