SD Card Adapters for Micro SD

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Bulk Memory card accessory

Cases of memory cards
Bulk memory cards are accessory for dash cam, GPS, camera, and Phones. What is the accessory for wholesale memory cards? There are SD card adapter, USB card reader, SD card holder, Micro SD card case and so on. To extend the lifespan of storage cards, it is necessary to do best protection for cards.
SD and Micro SD Card case
This is a small clamshell to wrap SD or Micro SD card. It has various material such as Plastic case, Metal box, and paper one. The main purpose of them is to store and protect cards, also, it is a good way to sort out. Let’s introduce these cases one by one. Plastic case is transparent and light, it has a lid to cover cards. They are many sizes of cases, some are loading one card, and some for many cards. Furthermore, the cost is very low comparing to the other types. If no strong press or shock, plastic one is a good guardian of memory cards. However, plastic one is not as strong as metal case. If you need one for business promotion, metal one is a nice choice. With a rugged cover and custom logo, this metal case will win more orders for your business visit.
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