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How is the Speed for SDHC UHS-I card?
UHS-I has ultimate transfer rates at 25-30MB/s by writing, it minimizes the transferring time between SDHC Memory card and PC or Cameras. The excellent performance guarantees a smooth video shooting and fast loading. The device dash cam, GPS and drone mainly adopt SDHC card in UHS-1 version, it is stable and speedy. In fact, SDHC card with UHS-1 bus interface is a standard request at present. As the read speed can hit 100MB/s, the data transfer is seldom suffering a time lag. Especially for media in full HD, the recording process is smooth and no delay. It can be backward with class 10 port.
How to identify SD Card UHS-I card?
There is a unique marking for this type of card. The card is usually printed with U1, U stands for UHS and number 1 tells the speed version. Besides it, some vendors prefer a direct description, they will print speed info directly. If you find the printing with 50MB/s or more, then you can confidently believe it is a UHS card. Also, the price will guide you. Although you can get a good deal for SDHC UHS-1 card, the price is still a bit higher than class ones. SDHC card usually use label to present logo, therefore, label allows you to get an easy identification on cards. You also can use some old devices to do this test, if they only accept class version. The SD Card UHS I will be unreadable there.
The Main capacity we have.
Obviously, capacity equals to or above 16GB is available with this interface. Therefore, a camera with 1080P or 4K normally adopt U1 cards.  Higher speed cards can support high resolution video, UHS-1 cards are ideal for HD video capture. The main capacity of U1 interface is 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, photographers love use them to shoot raw photos. Besides it, these SDHC cards are water, shock, x-ray and temperature proof to provide protection for your data. What’s more, these capacities are the main demands in consumer market. For instance, if you have one 128GB SD card, you are free from the worry of shooting spaces. No matter you are on a business trip or travel, you can keep all your lovely memories. Furthermore, you can take a spare card for replace.
Who will use these bulk SDHC cards?
Especially for photographers, gadget enthusiasts and quality-first people, they love UHS-1 cards more. With a stable and new interface, bulk SDHC cards bring faster data transfer and longer life cycles. No consumers expect short warranty, U1 card helps them away from poor quality. Furthermore, these cards offer read speeds up to 80 or 100MB/s, they are twice as fast as ordinary cards. As if you look forward to store HD photos and videos, SDHC UHS-1 card is a good choice. The recording performance with UHS-1 is exceptional, the loading time is speedy. In addition, if you highly concern about the loading time and recording quality, SDHC UHS-1 card is always a great choice. Basically, the cost is a steal comparing with the other types of SDHC cards. We also call it ultra SD card, it is fully compatible with game camera and mid range camera. You can shoot tons of photos and videos in minutes, as if you use correct cards, you will get a powerful accessory. All in all, custom memory cards are being a vital part for daily life. We need a media to record our valuable life and store our essential data. A fast and high compatible SDHC UHS-1 card caters for the basic demands from users. It offers a high-performance audio and video experience when you use it to capture your wonderful moments. Just like you take a good partner for life, memory card is a good option for photo shooting.
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