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Custom USB Drives: MRT team will provide creative idea on designing Custom USB Stick Flash Drives
and prompt response on your requests, this Custom USB thumb drive will be outstanding in your business.

MRT team will provide creative idea on designing custom USB flash drive and prompt response on your requests, this custom USB flash Drive will be outstanding in your business.

Custom Branded USB Flash Drives

People are always working hard on creativity and innovation; it leads development of their business. Brand company is searching for outstanding media to promote their business or products; therefore, custom service will be perfect symbol for the distinctiveness. Let’s take a look at customized drives, they will improve your business.

Custom USB flash drive is one unique storage media with specific logo color matching, personalized shape, Custom branded USB Drives package, and designated chips. It turns to be popular option as promotional giveaway, gift, advertising present and well-branded product.

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How to start?

a.Contact us for Customized Idea

Send us your idea for customizing USB Drives, no matter they are words of description, photos of your ideas, or complete draft in AI, pdf and the other files, our team is able to create new artwork for you. Positive communication between MRT team and you is the most efficient road to successful customization, we are waiting for your incredible thoughts.

Also, Customized services are not only for logo designs but also media duplication services. With your authorization, we are available to upload your data or video to bulk usb drive. In fact, usb duplication services are common requests, we have hundreds duplicators, these are easy job.

b.Mockup update

When thoughts are collected, MRT team is going to release USB artwork in 2D or 3D, this is the most direct way to view your ideas. We will find out how the custom USB looks, it is round, rectangle, or special shape. It is the key step before real sample launch and allows revision on designs. At one hand, it saves a lot on wrong sample making, on the other hand, it brings more chance for design improvement.

c.Manufacturing Custom Drive

Mass production is the key step to check finished products. High Quality and perfect Design are criterion we have developed for years, every piece produced by MRT will be went through 37 procedures by speed tests, capacity tests, reliability tests, shell and package inspection, IQC, OQC, and Spot check. One idea USB flash drive will be created.

d.USB Samples for Approval

Genuine sample is going to launch when we are ready for above steps. This is the proof of the products from mass production, MRT will provide it for approval. Your brand or sales will be raised to a new level when you receive this work, we believe it is the time to see your ideas in reality.

e.Printing options

How many ways of USB printing? Let’s go over below lists.

  • Laser Engraving -This printing is suitable for wooden and metal USB only, the temperature is much when engraving.
  • Silk Printing - It is common printing way and workable for memory sticks in versatile material.
  • UV Printing - it will tell you how colorful of USB drives, mostly PVC card shape will use it.
  • Etching - Etching is one kind of chemical process of making logo or images to the crystal drive.

Printing helps customized USB drives have logo and unique face. No matter you request is simply some words such as company name or slogan, or photos in Full HD, printing will make it.

f.Package And Accessory collection

Custom USB Flash Memory sticks are often applied for giveaways or company propaganda, they need to be elegantly packed for presentation. MRT Provides numerous ranges of package options, the logo will be vividly displayed, and the USB drives can be well protected.Wooden Box   It visually tells your clients that box in wood is nature and firm, using it for protecting your important storage companion.

  • Window box in Tin   This metal box is made of Tin, there will be one big window to display your valuable drives.
  • Light Plastic box     it is the lightest box with transparent surroundings, client can view this USB from all angles. The smooth, sleek, and modern design guarantees an outstanding sale.
  • Lanyard   The soft touch and flexible material can present the logo too, it is easily attaching to the drive with hook.
  • Keyring   The most traditional but classic accessory for daily use, it carries your drive more convenient.

Guides for ordering Bulk USB Flash Drives from MRT

Bulk USB Flash Drive is one type of Wholesale USB drive, the special part of it is the package, it is the reverse way comparing to the retail one. Bulk package is one sort of simple and plain way to do the packing; also it stands for wholesale order. Let’s know more about USB flash drives firstly, and then we can study the detail of bulk order.

USB flash drive is one kind of portable storage device; it is workable for all the electronic equipment with USB port. It builds bridge among computers, tablets, phones and varies gadgets to share data. With one tiny body, you can load as high as 2TB in one drive, moreover, you can choose one preferred design in over ten thousands models. These are the magic things brought by this tiny drive, and also the selling points of them are amazing.

The market for memory sticks is huge. As the function of USB stick is not simply for data loading, it is also the advertising tool for one company, the gift choice for promotion, and the teaching material for education. The application of USB drive involves in varies areas, and then the demands of it are large. To fulfill one customized order for USB drive in perfect way, you have to learn more about the unique function of the drives.

The types of USB chips

The core of one USB Drive is the chip inside; it presents the stability, capacity, speed and size of USB stick. The types are just two of them, one is PCBA also referred to UPA, and the other one is COB also called UDP. The main difference between them is the size and package way. UPA is the old member for the USB chip; it is consisted of PCBA board, controller, flash and related electronic components. All of these elements are exposed to the natural conditions; therefore, the USB model using this chip will be easily damaged if it gets inlet, strong shake or sudden fall. It is the disadvantages of this chip, but it has lower cost and stable source. Many classic and old models are using this chip, it is really good option if you have less budget or old trend demands.

COB stands for chip on board. This is completely different package way from UPA, all the electronic components of chip is packed by black gel, which is excellently protecting the chip from water, shakes, dust and x-rays. Furthermore, the size is much smaller than UPA, so it is always used in small and exquisite USB shell. Such as business card, crystal USB, modern metal shape and key shape all adopts COB chip. It brings more spaces for the USB shell and guarantees high stability of USB drives, and becomes new favorite for latest USB models. With the cool shape, stable quality and small body, the price of it is more expensive but can bring high profits and good sales.

Following the instruction of USB chips, you could do purchase by below guides.

1. UPA Chip: classic model, old design and shell in big size are using UPA chip. The best point of UPA chip is cheap and enough stocks.

2. COB Chip: latest version, modern design and housing in small size are using COB chip. The big advantage of COB chip is fast, high quality, and stable.

Shells for the USB Drives

The shells or housings of the USB Drives are the main selling point. The design of USB drives is replying on the shells, then how many kinds of shells? How to choose the right housing? Although there are ten thousands types of USB models, it can be classified into below sorts.

  1. Wooden Memory Stick: these shells are made of bamboo, maple, eco-friendly material and the other types of wood. The wooden material brings nature and original touch; the sleek and smooth surface is perfect for logo printing. The photographers love to order this model for wedding disk, which stands for pure for the marriage. Moreover, the wooden USB drive is nice choice for giveaways, and is always found in the show.
  2. Leather USB Stick: this type housing is carrying leather cover, and presents serious, elegant and professional attitude for buyers. Normally clients will accept it as business purpose, the logo can be engraved in the leather cover.
  3. Credit card style: this shell is same size and shape as credit card. The nice part of it is the big printing scale, clients are easily printing their ideas by image way. We can admit it is biggest USB drive for printing slogan, advertising content or sight views; it is really one incredible choice for products introduction and company promotion.
  4. Metal and plastic USB flash drive: These are very common USB models. As the production for metal and plastic model is cost-efficient and simple process design, these sorts of material are the earliest generation of USB shell, clients order these models for tradition demands.
  5. Crystal USB Drive: The cost of this shell is very expensive. However, the design is very novelty, it brings new demands from the market. With the creative design, it raises the demands in the market.
  6. OTG USB Stick: this is one multi-function USB Drive. It is not only working with PC or laptops but also phones and tablets. It is another new models launched in recent years, with the strong function; OTG USB sticks are becoming the hot sales among all the USB models.

Speed for the Flash Drives

Speed of USB Flash drive has three categories; there are USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1. However, only USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are frequently used in the market. What’s the difference? It is simple to know from the name, USB 2.0 is slower than USB 3.0. USB 2.0 is using white USB port, the speed ranges from 4 to 10MB/s by write and from 15 to 20MB/s by read. Whereas USB 3.0 has much faster rate, it is around 20-30MB/s by write and 60-100MB/s by read. Therefore, if you focus on high transferring speed, then USB 3.0 will be the best choice.

USB Flash Drive Wholesaler - - MRT

With the brief guides mentioned above, the purchase for bulk USB flash drive will be easy and simple. In fact, clients may focus on more on the looking of one USB as if the quality is same. MRT accurately has done this selection job for our clients, and recommend the best and suitable housing for every USB demands. Also we do 10 years and lifetime warranty, it makes sure you no worry of the quality. The only thing you need to do is stay with MRT, all the order of USB drives will be easy and successful.

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