Customized USB Flash Drive

The popularity of cartoon customized flash drive
Cartoon USB sticks are adopting kinds of adorable shapes, such as animals, dolls, fruits, and so on. The interested design makes storage media fun and live. Furthermore, it is a symbol of market trend. You may find various derivatives, when one cartoon, animated movies or TV shows gets popular. This is not only for entertaining market but also for business. Therefore, manufacturers hope catch up with the new demands, cartoon USB drives are better options. The casing material of cartoon type is greatly different from the others, it is mainly using silicone and PVC. In addition, it requests a new mold as if you need to make a unique one. Luckily, the cost for mold is not high.
The advantage and disadvantage of cartoon USB drives
Cartoon USB drives are far beyond their functional role as storage device. It has colorful shell and attracting design, also you can get a personalized storage. What’s more, it delivers novelty, as the distinctive shape will create joy and playfulness to users. Normally you find many cartoon USB drives deriving from famous characters, but you also can make one in logo, product, tool, and equipment shape. Cartoon memory sticks can be any kinds of designs, there are no limit to the idea. Therefore, it is not only a practical gadget but also a creative media. Although it has many fans, the shortcomings are necessary to be exposed. As the shell is made of PVC or silicone, it may not be as durable as metal or plastic USB drive. This can lead to potential wear and tear, especially with frequent use. Also, the cute design is not suitable for formal appeal, for instance, lawyer may like metal one more. At last, the shell cost of bulk cartoon USB flash drive is high. MRT adopts RoHs pass silicone to produce all cartoon models, the expense is much higher than standard one. All in all, everything has two sides. As if you consider these shortcomings and compare it with your needs, you can have a decision on choosing USB.
How is the market for cartoon USB drive?
As we introduced in previous paragraphs, we can notice the market for cartoon USB is huge. First of all, you can know that there is a wide range of cartoon drives. You can get character-based, animal style, superhero type, business model, and so on. It positively tells us that the demands for it are greatly huge. Thanks to the diversity and creativity of cartoon USB drives, users can have more options.
Why MRT produce Cartoon USB drive?
It has an appealing design; people love decoration attaching to their bags. Why not combine them together? It will cater for young people taste and market trend. To make your product stand out, firstly you need to catch their attention by creative outline. Cartoon USB drives add an element of fun and fashion to the application. Besides it, fans of Disneyland or Marvel are crazy for collection, cartoon USB can be their storage collection. Due to the fancy look, your clients order them as gifts. These usb sticks can serve as specific presents for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. No matter kids, businessmen or young people, they have great passion to order them.
Final thoughts
In summary, people are chasing a unique symbol. Cartoon USB drives offer an enjoyable experience and creative look. It is definitely incredible for choosing cartoon model, as it is emotional connection with the clients.
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