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M.2 SATA SSD (Solid-State Drives)

What is M.2 SATA SSD?
This is another type of SSD; the previous name was Next-Generation Form Factor. Maybe old name is too long to remember, then new name is extreme brief -M.2. M.2 SSD is a small form factor, the shape is like a stick of chewing gum. The first M.2 was launched in 2012, the appearance of it was planning to replace the mSATA standard. Also, it aims to occupy less space in your device. To connect an M.2 SSD, your motherboard must have an M.2 slot. Although it is small, it can hold as much data as the others, the capacity can be up to 8TB. With a powerful capability, M.2 drives are faster than other SSDs. As it is SATA interface, it can use in the same cable connection as 2.5 inch.
M.2 vs 2.5-inch SSD
SSD comes in all shapes and sizes due to the power of semiconductors and NAND wafters. 2.5-inch one is senior form but classic one, it shares same size as 2.5 HDD. Furthermore, since it has launched over 20 years, the cost is comparatively low. However, the size is much bigger than M.2, this standard SSD is only suitable for the device with large space. In contrast, M.2 is perfect for lightweight gadgets. Especially for the users who are upgrading ultranotebook, they may need it for gaming or 3D animation. In addition, M.2 supports multiple protocols such as PCle and SATA. It means M.2 is not only for storage but also can be compatible with graphic card. M.2 SSD is designed for game zealot who is expecting for improving gaming setup. Meanwhile, you can use it as boot disk, the startup speed is super-fast.
These are entirely different interfaces for SSD. NVMe is using PCle slot, this is a storage protocol offering super speed. SATA is a traditional slot compatible with HDDs and old SSDs. Obviously, NVMe is a new generation with low-power consumption. Also, it can provide 2.6GB/s for read-write speed. In contrary, SATA SSDs only can reach up to 600MB/s. In this way, NVMe is perfect for gaming applications or military projects that request high performance. High performance brings a high offer. Comparing with SATA SSD, NVMe SSD is more expensive. Therefore, it is unnecessary to update your PC with NVMe SSD unless you have specific requests.
How to connect M.2 to SATA?
It is easy to install M.2 as if the motherboards have an M.2 slot. Firstly, you need to locate the slot in your laptop. Normally this slot is behind your GPU, so you can search GPU at the beginning. You will use screwdriver to remove a screw from its holder when you find the slot. Then, you can insert the SSD diagonally into the slot. As if you find the correct place, you will get a satisfying “click” when everything is in right position. You need to check your new SSD when connection gets complete, meanwhile, you can format the storage disk. Now your PC or laptop is running on an M.2 SSD, which is one of the fastest and most durable storage.
The digital world is in a transition from large to small. No matter phones, cameras or laptops, manufacturers are always thinking of narrowing the space. As users believe small size is portable for using, and small gadget can be more powerful. The birth of M.2 SSD is following the trend of demands. At present, the M.2 is already widely applied in portable devices. The latest PCs and laptops are developing with an M.2 slot. In near future, you may find M.2 SSD is a main choice.
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