what is a CF compact flash card ?133x 300x 1000x?

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what is cf memory cards?

What is CF Card?
A CompactFlash card is durable and portable memory card. Especially for photographers or video takers, they use it for a professional and stable shooting. As it almost has a solid-state construction, it can stand wear and tear. Furthermore, CF card has a low failure rate and high reliability. Nowadays most CompactFlash card uses NAND flash; it supports CF card to be available in varies size. MRT can provide as small as 128MB and as high as 512GB, we have a complete production line for card in all ranges.
Where to use CF cards?
The CF cards are mainly using PATA interface, besides it there are CFast cards adopting SATA connection. Therefore, these bulk memory cards can directly use in PC slot with adapter. Prior to the popularization of SD cards or wholesale USB flash drives, CF card can serve as a disk drive or boot disk. What’s more, lots of high-end cameras are still using CF cards due to its rugged structure. As professional photographers prefer high data transfer speed and no lagging time, the excellent performance of CompactFlash offers a trustable option. Meanwhile, they are perfect for video recording, as they can load large data consuming low power. Thus, camcorders, sport cameras and the other video devices love using them. In industrial area, CompactFlash cards are also applied as data logging, CNC machine and automation machine.
Features of CF Cards
At first, you need to understand full parameters of it. The speed to define CF cards is in “X” ratings such as 80x, 133x, 300x and 1000x. How to calculate the exact speed? For instance, 300x rating means transfer rate of 300 x 150kb/s =45,000kb/s, it equals to 45MB/s. This speed rating indicates a max reading speed. Additionally, the standard connecting port of a CF card is 50 pins, these pins are readable when they line up perfectly. Otherwise, you can not read them correctly if they are bend. You also can pin back by a small screwdriver. Also, the format of CF cards is either FAT32 or exFAT, it is compatible with Widows, Mac OS, and Linux. With an external adapter, CF cards can work with various devices including digital cameras, camcorders, and computers.
Types of CF Cards
CF cards also have different generations; therefore, they are marked with specific standard. Firstly, there are two types of thickness. One is Type I CF card with 3.3mm thick, the other one is Type II with 5.0mm. The thinner one is standard CF card for our daily devices but Type II is used as Microdrive. Obviously, the difference between them is the physical height only. While CF Association also classifies the cards into different speed version. There are CF high speed (CF2.0), faster CF3.0, CF 4.0, CF 5.0, and CF 6.0. The speed and stability is better and better, CF 6.0 is the latest version implementing UDMA 7, the bus speed is up to 167MB/s.
Where to buy wholesale CompactFlash cards?
Although the demand on this card is not as high as bulk Micro SD card, the market is still in high competition. Also, there are many brands to select such as SanDisk, Toshiba, Kingston, and Samsung. You also can buy from OEM sources, they have lower price and 24 hours after sales service, and cherish any clients as big wholesalers.
Buy Bulk CF Express Cards
As you need purchase CF express cards in bulk, it means it is a wholesale order. The more quantity you order, the cheaper price you get. Especially institutions or companies involving in industry, they buy lots of bulk CF cards. One type of these cards is industrial grade, they have strong ECC engine and built-in health monitoring tool. Therefore, many professional technicians prefer buying 4GB CF cards and 32GB CF cards, they can get wholesale discount.
The ways of formatting CF Card
You can format CF card in DSLR cameras or CNC machine when they are connecting. The process is simple, you can access the format function by the menu option. Also, you can complete the format in windows system or MacBook. With a right click, you find the format button.
Bulk CF express cards are still popular. Even photographers or filmmakers get less, personal use is always booming. High-end DSLR cameras never abandon this storage option, moreover, the amazing performance and high capacity brings a reliable storage solution.
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