128MB CF Card

CF memory 128MB 133X cards

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  • Support point-and-shoot digital cameras, camcorders, and advertising machine
  • MLC Flash (Contact us if you go for SLC)
  • Compatible with PCMCIA standard
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Product description:
Technical detail
manufacture MRT
Flash Type MLC And SLC
Weight 18g
Speed 10-15MB/s by Write, 20-25MB/s by Read
Dimension for bulk CF Card 128MB 40x36x3mm (L x W x D)
Disk system FAT
Operating Temperature 0 to 60 °C (recommended)
Shipping Time 3 - 5 days by DHL
Custom Sticker Size: 20x25mm (mm)  / 0.78 x 0.98  inches
Testing we have for CF 128mb 133X Bulk Card
CF memory card is usually used for high-end camera. Users are highly concerned with compatibility, the tests on it are crucial. MRT will do full testing on them, the main tests are H2 test, durability test, Aging test, and reliability one. The goal of tests is to produce high quality cards, it assures all of them can be compatible with most devices.
H2test result for bulk 128mb 133X Card:
128mb 133X Card Datasheet Contact us
product detail

128mb CF card is an electronic component that is for storing data, the storage capacity of it is 128 megabytes. The size of CompactFlash memory card is almost twice as SD card, it is designed based on PC card standard. Moreover, photographers love use CF card as their spare storage, the performance of it is stable and reliable.

The key features of a 128MB CF memory cards NAND Flash chip include:
  • High capacity: The NAND flash chip provides a storage capacity of 128 megabytes. It is sufficient for storing large amounts of data such as photos, videos, and music.
  • High speed: NAND flash memory offers fast read and write speeds. It makes it ideal for use in devices that require high-speed data transfer.
  • Durability: NAND flash memory is durable and can withstand a large number of write cycles. On the other hand,  it is suitable for use in memory cards that may be subject to frequent read and write operations.
  • Low power consumption: NAND flash memory consumes very little power. It means that it can stand long battery life.

It is important to note that the capacity of the NAND flash chip determines the maximum storage capacity of the CompactFlash memory card. In the case of a 128MB CF card, the card would typically contain a single 128MB CF memory cards NAND flash chip. However, modern CF cards can contain multiple NAND flash chips to achieve larger capacities.

Quality standard
  • Compact Flash Ultra High SpeedTechnical data– Capacity: 128mb
  • Read speed: up to 50 MB/s  (133X)
  • Write speed: up to 20 MB/s
  • Performance: it is fast enough to shoot 1080p HD video and more
  • Dimensions: 36 mm x 43 mm x 3 mm
  • Weight: 18 g
  • Interface: 50 pins- Voltage range: +5 V / ±10% and 3,3 V / ± 5%
  • Storage temperature: -30° C – 75° C- Operating temperature: -25° C – 75°
The key functions of a 128MB CF card controller chip include:
  1. Data transfer management: The controller chip manages the transfer of data between the host device and the memory card. Therefore, it ensures that data is written to and read from the card in an efficient and error-free manner.
  2. Error correction: The controller chip employs error correction techniques to detect and correct errors. Basically,  it may occur during data transfer, and ensure the integrity of the data stored on the card.
  3. Wear leveling: The controller chip manages the allocation of data to different areas of the memory card to ensure that data is written evenly across the card, reducing the risk of premature failure due to excessive wear on certain areas.
  4. Power management: The controller chip manages the power supply to the memory card, optimizing power consumption to extend the battery life of the host device.
  5. Security management: The controller chip may include features such as data encryption and password protection to ensure the security of the data stored on the memory card.

It is important to note that the capacity of the CF card controller chip is typically related to the maximum storage capacity of the memory card it can support, although newer and more advanced controller chips can support larger capacity CF cards. A 128MB CF card controller chip would be suitable for use with CompactFlash cards with a maximum capacity of 128MB.

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