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2.5 Inch SATA Internal SSD


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How to choose 2.5 SATA SSD

Where to use 2.5 SATA SSD
Firstly, you need to understand the physical structure and working process of SSD. It is easy to find the size of this SSD, 2.5 inch is also a standard for HDD. Therefore, SSD is an upgrading choice for old HDD. If they share the same function, then we can use SSD in laptop, PC, tablet, and the other devices.
HDD was using for storing data since 1956, it was a traditional storage invented by IBM. It has a spinning platter with thin magnetic coating, the data will be read by the movement of platter. We will call platter as head in HDD, a mechanical arm will move the head to different sectors. This process will complete a journey of read and write data. Obviously, these working steps will make noisy, and the speed is slow. SSD contains a collection of electronic circuits to store data. There is a silicon semiconductor cell to run on storage, therefore, there is no moving parts. Meanwhile, this physical design leads a quiet working environment, no mechanical parts will make noise. If you expect a silent laptop, SSD is a perfect choice. Also, latest SSD uses flash memory; thus, the cost gets decreasing. The difference between them is noticeable. Especially for the speed, no matter starting up or shutting down the operation system, computer with SSD is faster. As HDDs work replying on platters and arms, the damage rate is higher than SSD. In other words, HDD is not so durable as SSD. Furthermore, HDD is energy killer, but SSD is power saver. All in all, SSD is more reliable, you can search the best SSD with MRT.
How to install 2.5 SSD?

Firstly, you need make sure that the device using SSD is power off. As it is SATA interface, you must check if your computer or laptop has the same port. Also, the size is 2.5 inch, you should locate your tower size. When you finish these basic checks, the installment can kick off.

  1. Get a screwdriver to dissemble your device and find out the storage place
  2. If there is no old storage disk, then insert the SSD and fix it into place.
  3. If this is a secondary drive, locate an available SATA connector from your motherboard, then you can attach the SATA cable to your SSD.

Obviously, the process for installing SSD is simple and easy. To get a smooth working flow, you’d better format the disk before loading new data.

The demands and applications of solid-state drives get higher and higher. Why people use it instead of HDD? In fact, people go for benefits. Users can acquire a speedy, reliable, and efficient experience from SSD. No matter you are using SSD inside or external way, you can fit it in your PC with several steps. What’s more, a standard 2.5 inches SATA SSD can replace with 2.5-inch HDD. It means you can fully upgrade your device with a simple plug and inset. This is another advantage for 2.5-inch SSD, which is designed for replacing traditional HDD at the end.
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