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Guides for ordering buy SD Card in Bulk from MRT

Let’s learn some stories of SD Card before the shopping.
The big family of Memory cards has consisted of Micro SD Card, SD Card,CF Card, MMC Card , Mini-SD, RS-MMC , MS PRO and MS Duo. However, most of them are no longer used for latest gadgets in market. SD Card has been one of the old members, it had been popular since 1999. The size of SD Card is 24mm by width and 32mm by height; also it weighs only around 2g. It is also small size but a bit bigger than Micro SD, therefore the application between them will be different. One big advantage for Micro SD is using one SD adapter, it can be easily turning to be full size SD Card; however, SD Card can’t be used as Micro SD due to the size. Can we conclude that Micro SD can replace SD card? The answer is definitely negative.
Although we can use SD adapter to achieve the transformation from Micro SD to SD, the consistent stability is not same between them. To know more about them, we’d better learn the inner structure.
Internal Chip and Structure Difference
The chip for SD memory card is twice bigger than TF Card (referred to Micro SD), then the NAND flash used for SD is usually SLC or MLC; TF Card adopts MLC or TLC. These are one kind of memory technology for memory cards, the rank among them is SLC, MLC, TLC and QLC, and the stabilization for them is declining one by one. As SLC and MLC solution are easily produced by the PCB board in larger board, it’s the reason of the Size difference, we can confirm that bigger size and better performance.
SD structure is similar to the USB Drive both of them are composed by shell and chips. The shell of SD is usually black or blue, but it is also available with colorful design as if clients have demands. The logo for it is usually using sticker, it is more flexible than TF Card; also it has lock button on the shell, this is unique design for SD Card. With this lock button, the data inside can be protected from copy or read; it is one special characteristics of SD Card.
Based on the introduction above for the SD structure, the purchase of SD card will be easy and simple, as you will know well of which device will use the SD card.
SLC、MLC、TLC Flash Memory Chips
Why SD card need choose SLC?
Introduces industrial-grade SD / MicroSD card with SLC flash memory
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