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Micro SD 1MB Card

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Micro SD Card Basic

Micro SD Card Class4
Micro SD in bulk is the basic type of wholesale memory cards. It is the earliest version of Micro SD family, this type refers to the low capacity and normal speed; it ranges from 128MB to 2GB, and the speed starts from class 2 to class 6. Most low-end equipment, phones, Mp3, Mp4 and cameras adopt these cards.
Bulk Micro SDHC Memory cards stating low capacity from 128mb
Micro SD Card always represents low cost. As it is the 1st generation of micro SD group, in other words, cards in this type are all basic models. The capacity of it can be as small as 128mb, which was big enough to load decades of songs in 10 years ago. The parameter of Micro SD card is following the devices launched in early times, that’s why the capacity is smaller and the speed is slower. Although Micro SD in this version is not the advanced one, the demands of it in the market are still high. As these bulk Micro SD cards are cost-efficient, the expense on purchasing them is less. As if your devices can read micro SD cards, all of this type will be workable.
The guides for ordering low capacity Micro SD Cards:
These cards are perfect for giveaways or company ads, as if you are strict with the cost, low capacity Micro SD Cards will be good option for logo printing. Micro SD Cards are good for low-end devices. As the performance of them is normal, then there will be no necessary to take high speed SDHC or SDXC cards for these devices. Some Micro SD Card Class2 and Class4 are using SLC solution, the quality of them is very stable, and lead long life circle. So you could check about the solution before purchase.
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