256MB Micro SD Card Fishing GPS

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  • Small capacity Micro SD 256MB is compatible with Fishing GPS, Bluetooth speaker
  • Reading speed – 8MB/s
  • AX controller and Micron Flash
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manufacture MRT
Flash Type MLC and SLC
Weight 0.33g
Speed 2-4MB/s by Write, 8-10MB/s by Read
Disk system FAT
Operating Temp 0 to 60 °C (recommended)
Dimension for Micro SD 15*11*1 (mm) / 0.04 x 0.59 x 0.43 inches
Standard SD 2.0
Shipping Time 3 - 5 days by DHL
Testing we have for Micro SD 256MB card Wholesale 256MB memory cards are our standard supply, we regularly proceed reliability tests and h2test on them. These two tests can positively and timely guarantee the endurance of 256MB cards, every piece we ship will be functional.
Dimension for Micro SD: 15*11*1 (mm)  / 0.04 x 0.59 x 0.43 inches
Reliability test result:
bulk Micro SD 256mb Card Datasheet
product detail

Micro SD 256MB is only one quarter of one standard SD Card in size, this tiny card is portable for carrying and powerful for loading data, it can store important content such as photos, videos, music, files, and the other related data. The application for 256mb TF card is mainly for low-end phones, digital player, Fishing GPS, and kid toys. This capacity is seldom to be found in consumer market now, as the storage demands are converting to high capacity, but it still is great choice for giveaway due to the low cost. Only Memory card Manufacturer like MRT keeps producing as before, MRT accepts customized order, therefore, they produce when clients have requests. Although this is small volume, we may not adopt it to load videos in high resolution, it is still good enough to run on files, music or videos in low resolution.

Quality standard
  • Speed: 2-4MB/s by Write, 8-10MB/s by Read
  • Package: 50pcs per tray.
  • Standard Packing: Bulk
  • PackageWarranty: 1 yearLead Time for Wholesale Micro SD 256MB: within one day after order Confirmed;
  • Shipping Time: 3 days by DHL.
  • Performance: Built to last, with an operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a ten-foot drop.Compatibility: Easily transfer files between your digital devices and computer, can work with all SD 2.0 or 3.0 devicesExternal Function: with an added SD card adapter for placing directly into a computer SD memory card slot.Where to USE: Bulk Micro SD card 256mb are often used in old mobile phones, portable audio players, video game consoles, baby toys and tablets. The cheap price of 256mb attracts lots of clients to order them as giveaways, if users hope to replace the storage, it will be easy to handle.
  • One 256MB Micro SD Combines Controller and Nand Flash
  • Flash Type: SLC or MLC
  • Inside Chip for 256MB Card: MRT uses stable controller AX 215F
  • MLC Flash (Contact us if you go for SLC)
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