4GB SD Card

4GB Class 4 SDHC GPS card

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  • Support Digital phone, Audio player, Camcorder, Kid toy, data logger, automation Platform, and tablets
  • This card uses Hynix and Samsung Flash
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Product description:
Technical detail
manufacture MRT
Flash Type MLC and TLC
Weight 3g (0.11oz)
Speed 6MB/s by Write, 10-15MB/s by Read
Dimension for Standard SD Card 32x24x2mm (L x W x D)
Disk system FAT
Digital photos at 8MP store up to 1500 phtos
Video at 9 Mbps almost an hour
Operating Temperature -13º F to 185º F (-25º C to 85 º C)
Storage Temperature -40º F to 185º F (-40º C to 85º C)
Standard SD 2.0
Shipping Time 3 - 5 days by DHL
Custom Sticker Size: 20x25mm (mm)  / 0.78 x 0.98  inches
Testing we have for SD 4GB Card Class4
All MRT memory cards are tested in our quality lab, it aims to ensure high performance, stable quality, and good compatibility. MRT regularly proceed reliability tests, ATTO test and h2test on them. These tests can guarantee the endurance of 4GB cards, every piece we ship will be formatted and functional. This memory card from MRT is designed for use in SDHC-enabled device, the speed and performance can reach higher level. Moreover, our rigorous testing has assured durability, and all the cards are shockproof, waterproof and x-ray proof.
H2test result for bulk SD Card 4GB Class4:
SD Card 4GB Class4 Datasheet
product detail

4GB SD Cards SDHC Class4 wholesale  can work with any devices with SD slot. Firstly, it will follow the SDHC memory card Association card 2.00 specification. In addition, It is multi-use memory card that can record photos in high resolution and music in large number. In other words, this SD 4GB Class 4 is perfect for being used in burst photography as well as baby monitor. Besides it, it is also available for home video recording and excellent all rounder for shooting high quality film. In short, this capacity surely enhances your digital experience on capturing photos and videos. Meanwhile, it has built-in ECC and ISP, which can protect your data from any loss. The favorite digital media in SDHC memory card can be effortlessly shared among PC, tablets, cameras and the other portable gadgets. Therefore, the optimized capability of 4GB will provide smooth shooting and data loading.

Quality standard
  • Speed: 4-6MB/s by Write, 15-20MB/s by Read
  • Package: 50pcs per tray. Standard Packing: Bulk Package
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Support: CPRM and SPI
  • Lead Time for Wholesale SD 4GB: within one day after order approval; Shipping Time: 3 days by DHL.
  • Security: with mechanical switch, your data stored in SDHC card will not get loss accidentally
  • SD 4GB in class 4 is the entrance speed of memory card, the writing speed only reach 4MB/s by write, it will not be good choice for high-speed camera but nice for playing HDTV and shooting in normal camcorder. The capacity is same as class 10 or higher version, as if the device can support SDHC, then this volume can be perfect storage. Memory card is always the primary channel to load data, you can build photo or data library easily. Also, the memory you captured will last for 2 years.
Flash And Controller type
  • SLC and MLC (contact us if you have specific demands)
  • Controller for Bulk SD 4GB: The stable option is SMI, and CBM 3688
Order Instruction (Buying Guide)
  • 300pcs order for 4GB SD Card is free shipping, all the SD card will be in tray or bag package. You can order online if you accept bulk pack, you can email us if you need own logo or package.
  • MLC Flash (Contact us if you go for SLC)
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CONNIE WJanuary 29, 2015
We only bought 300pcs SD 4GB, and get free cases also, love it
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