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8GB Micro SDHC Class 10

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  • Support Garmin GPS, Medical devices, Surveillance systems, IoT application, and HD cameras.
  • MLC Flash (Contact us if you go for SLC)
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Product description:
Technical detail
manufacture MRT
Flash Type MLC and TLC
Weight 0.33g
Speed  10MB/s by Write, 15-20MB/s by Read
Disk system FAT 
Photos in 10MP Can store nearly 2200 photos
HD video at 1080p over an hour
MP3 format at 128kbps Up to 140hrs
Operating Temp 0 to 60 °C (recommended)
Standard SD 2.0
Shipping Time 3 - 5 days by DHL
Dimension for Micro SD: 15*11*1 (mm)  / 0.04 x 0.59 x 0.43 inches Testing we have for Micro SD 8GB class 10 All memory cards are 100% tested by H2test and reliability test and backed up with 5 years warranty. These memory products are manufactured using the advanced power-off reliability technology and wear-leveling technology, which ensures memory card can work 24 hours per day with no corruption. MRT also proceeds power cycling solution, it is perfect for write intensive applications, our aging testing can guarantee the stability for that. All in all, our testing purpose is to optimize the storage with long life circle and superior data retention.
Reliability test result:
Micro SD 8GB Class10 Datasheet
product detail

Micro SD card 8GB Class 10, also referred to as a TF 8GB card. 8GB Micro SDHC Class 10 will provide faster loading times for the application. Such as GPS software and maps, phone apps, it can support smooth video play and capturing. What’s more, it ensures best possible user experience of the latest, high performance smartphones, dash cam or 3D printer. As the world is filled with digital devices, Memory cards are in large demand. Especially one high capacity with good price, such as 8GB Transflash card, it can provide  enough space for video cameras and high speed to load high resolustion pictures, it turns to be the most preferred selection among all memory products.

Quality standard
  • Speed: 10MB/s by Write, 15-20MB/s by Read
  • Package: 50pcs per tray. Standard Packing: Bulk Package
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Lead Time for Bulk 8GB: within one day after order Confirmed; Shipping Time: 3 days by DHL.
  • Performance: These Micro SDHC 8GB Cards Class 10 are shock proof, x-ray proof, temperature proof and waterproof.
  • Compatibility: Easily transfer files between your digital devices and computer, can work with all USB 2.0 or 3.0 devices
  • External Function: when combined with the adapter, can be used as a full sized SDHC card, and work with any devices with SD Slot.
  • Customized Service: Support Customized chip, CID registers, Logo printing and Package.
  • Whereto use: Class 10 Memory card is related to SDHC version, the minimum writing speed is 10MB/s, but normally we can provide around 15-20MB/s. With a high read and write rate, 8GB Class 10 Micro SDHC card is able to capture cinema-quality videos and photos, the loading speed is fast enough to support the devices with advanced application like data logging, POS/POI, and other function.  The outstanding performance ensures recording ability with no interruption, it is ideal choice for action camera.
  • Controller for Memory Card 8GB in UK: The popular controller for 8GB is  AS, AX, SMI and AK, also the flash type will be MLC and TLC.
  • Flash for  8GB Card: Normally we adopt Toshiba, Hynix, Micron, Samsung and Intel
  • The available controller model for Micro SDHC 8GB Card:  SM2236, SM2683, SM2685, AX215DA, AS 2689, AK2703, AK2689 and AS2703
  • MLC Flash (Contact us if you go for TLC SLC)
How many photos can 8GB sd card hold

Here’s a rough estimate based on common resolutions and file sizes.

  1. Low Resolution Photos (e.g., 2MP): If each photo is around 1-2 megabytes (MB) in size, an 8GB SD card can hold approximately 4000 to 8000 photos.
  2. Medium Resolution Photos (e.g., 8MP): If each photo is around 2-4 MB in size, an 8GB SD card can hold approximately 2000 to 4000 photos.
  3. High Resolution Photos (e.g., 20MP+): If each photo is around 5-10 MB in size, an 8GB SD card can hold approximately 800 to 1600 photos.
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C. KennedyNovember 22, 2014
Our Hundreds Garmin GPS couldn't download the latest US map collection because of limited memory. these microSDHC card 8gb solved the problem. Very easy to install and use. Speed is fast
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