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Smart phone OTG USB flash drives is also called Vpan

Smart phone OTG USB is a micro high-capacity mobile storage product that uses a USB interface and does not require a physical drive. It has all the functions that ordinary OTG USB Flash Drives have, but it is more convenient when sharing data between multiple people and different platforms.

Custom Secure USB Flash drives

Secure USB Flash Drive is now very important in our daily life, it can help protect our secret, and help finding out who the one responsible for information leakage.

MMC Memory Stick most common storage medias

Memory stick was developed by Sony, it has many applications, making it possible for portable devices to have better transmitting speed and larger capacity.

SD and memory cards reader

SD card reader has many applications. The standard is based on MultiMedia card, so it is also compatible with MMC cards.

how to do sd card partition

The following article tells the steps about how to complete SD card partition. With its help, you can download applications on SD cards to save mobile phone memory space.

what is Micro SD card?

Micro SD card is compact in size, and now can be applied in many mobile devices. With SD Association kept updating standards, cards that support new standards can perform better, but need to be used on corresponding devices.

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