January 15th 2023

Yeestor eMMC5.1 main control chip YS8297 uses a 28nm process

The domestic storage sector has recently received some good news. Yeestor Microelectronics has mass-produced the latest eMMC5.1 main control chips, the YS8297, which it designed independently. The first batch of the chips was imported into Longsys Electronics, a domestic storage company, and received Longsys’ product certification.

The Yeestor eMMC5.1 main control chip YS8297 uses a 28nm process, which is also the most advanced eMMC5.1 main control process in the world. Data input and output delays are reduced, signal anti-interference capability is considerably enhanced, and power consumption is excellent. The process improvement also helps to provide more production capacity, and the same 12-inch Wafer wafer can achieve more die numbers.

The YS8297 supports 2D MLC, 3D TLC/LC NAND Flash, ONFI 3.X, Toggle 2.0 flash interfaces. The sequential read and write speed is up to 330/230MB/s. And it also supports 1.8V and 1.2V interface voltage.

YS8297 NAND flash

The YS8297 has a new generation of high-performance LDPC error correction engine, supports BCH, effectively supports a new generation of NAND flash, and is compatible with various processes of flash. It also enables E2E end-to-end data protection, increases eMMC dependability, and supports consumer and industrial electronics applications.

According to the research, smartphones priced at less than 1999 yuan account for around 37% of the smartphone market. eMMC5.1 is the mainstream choice for today’s thousand-yuan smartphones due to its cost-effective advantage. So the market space is vast. Smart wearables, smart TVs, OTT boxes, and industrial-grade storage all have bright futures. With its high comprehensive strength, Yeestor’s eMMC5.1 main control chip YS8297 satisfies the demanding requirements of many application scenarios.

Regarding YS8297’s successful mass production and Yeestor’s collaboration with Longsys, Chen Qiang, Yeestor’s chief operating officer, expressed his delight that YS8297 was recognized and adopted by Longsys for its high reliability, high performance, and low power consumption, which will help both companies expand their markets. Yeestor and Longsys have a long history of collaboration, and they co-developed China’s first eMMC solution. In the future, Yeestor will continue to introduce competitive storage controllers, enhance the two companies’ collaboration to jointly develop more industry-leading storage products, and boost the storage industry’s innovative development.

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