January 15th 2023

Customized gift USB Flash drive is a very good advertise product

Auto play USB Flash drive

The customized USB flash drives provided by USB flash drive manufacturers are very unique, because we also support a function called “autorun”, which is not available in some standard spot USB flash drives. When users plug their USB Flash drive into their computer, this function allows your computer to automatically start running the data that you uploaded in the USB flash drive in advance, such as the presentation material of your statement. The automatic operation function depends on an extra file named autorun.inf to operate, this file was added to the root directory of the customer-made USB flash drive. If you request FlashBay to upload your data in advance, we are happy to set up the automatic operation function for you. If you want to set it by yourself, we are also happy to tell you how to use this function and why we need to use the auto-run function?

For example: when using customized USB flash drives as marketing tools to publish a certain number of PDF file information, using the automatic operation function can ensure that your most important files are immediately uploaded, when your customer inserts the USB flash drive into the computer. Some companies also like to use automatic Flash or HTML menus to help users quickly switch to various files stored on the USB flash drive.

branded usb drive


The standard PC autorun.inf will not work on Mac.

Some companies prevent the autorun of USB flash drives and CDs by changing the registry of each computer, they use this method as a safety precaution. (In our experience, this kind of situation is still very rare.)

Sometime, when users insert the USB flash drive into the computer, the security software prompt whether they want to allow the USB flash drive to start AutoRun automatically. AutoRun will start running as usual if they click on “Yes”.

How to set AutoRun to run files automatically

It is very fast and easy to set the function of running file automatically in Flashbay USB. You just need to follow the following steps.

1) Open your favorite ordinary text editor such as Notepad.

2) Cut and paste the text in the box below to your normal text editor.

Code: [AutoRun] shellexecute=example.exe

3) Replace the text “example.exe” with the name of the file you want to run automatically, including the appropriate file extension name (such as index.html, slideshow.ppt, portfolio.pdf, etc.).

If the file you want to run automatically was saved in a certain folder. In this case, you can write down the file path. In addition, you can also run a URL like this:

Code: [Autorun] shellexecute=http://www.?????.com

4) Save and name the file as Autorun.inf

5) Add this file and the files or other data you want to run automatically to the root directory of the USB flash drive

Use special USB flash drive logo

When the USB flash drive is inserted into the computer, you can see that it exists as a drive under “My Computer”. The standard windows drive logo will be displayed by default, but you can add your own drive logo, such as your company’s logo. You can add another line on the basis of the autorun setting, and then add the .ico file to the USB flash drive as well. (In this example, it is called company_logo.ico)

Code: [Autorun] shellexecute=example.exe icon=company_logo.ico

Maybe that your company’s internal IT department has the .ico file of your company’s logo. But if you want to make one by yourself, you need to use a special logo design program. (Making a 16X16 pixel in a standard image editor and then name it as xxx.ico will not work in this case.)

The file lock/dual interval of USB Flash drive

File locking/dual interval
If you want to protect your data from being deleted by the user end, then you will need FlashBay’s dual interval USB flash drive. This special USB flash drive combines the flexibility of a standard USB flash drive with the read-only function of a CD-ROM, when you insert the USB flash drive into your USB port, two drive logos will appear: one is the CD-ROM read-only interval, and the other is a standard removable storage disk (user area). This kind of USB drive allows us to perform “hard-coded” data operations in the CD-ROM section, while the other section can be used as a normal USB flash drive by users.

Advertising USB Flash drive Introduction

Advertising USB Flash drive, in addition to draw the company’s LOGO on its appearance, it can also display a corporate advertising video on the USB Flash drive chip. This USB Flash drive generally has a service life of 5-6 years

(Good ones may last 8-10 years without problem), they have more credibility and authenticity, and will help increase the number of customers. It can be described as lifetime service with just one purchase.

Advertising USB Flash drive: In addition to the ordinary USB Flash drive functions, the following 2 functions can be selected:

1. The website USB Flash drive pre-stores a business website URL, and has all the functions that ordinary USB Flash drive has. When website USB Flash drive is plugged into the USB port of the computer, the computer will automatically open the pre-stored business website (for example: tax bureau website, insurance company website, hotel website, customs website, school website, automobile website, supermarket website, industrial and mining enterprise website… etc.).

2. Insert the USB Flash drive into the computer, it will play an advertisement FLASH or related pictures, slides, etc. first.

Product advantages:

1) High-tech products are popular

2) It can have the shape of any USB Flash drive.

3) Very economical.

4) Unexpected way to enter a specific website.

5) Broad market potential.

Applicable range:

1) Promotional gifts

2) Professional sales tools

3) Online market research

4) Online product catalog

6) Online new members and new students recruitment

7) Propaganda of online products, policies and regulations

8) Commemorative gifts for important moments

Gift USB Flash drive Development History

How to choose gifts is a very knowledgeable thing. Most companies now tend to be very casual when choosing gifts. They did not realize that an inappropriate gift will not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but will even bring some negative effects.

There are some principles we need to pay attention to when choosing gifts:

First, we should choose gifts according to the types of gift receivers. We pick ordinary gifts for general customers, and high-quality gifts for high-end customers choose. Otherwise, other people will think your company is stingy or poor. In other words, you should choose gifts according to the general needs of your customers.

Second, the selected gift must be able to impress your receivers, so the gift must have some special value in some aspects, either novel, cultural connotation, or both.

Third, make sure that the gift receivers will keep these gifts for a long time, because you actually want those customers to remember you.

Fourth, gifts should help enhance the company’s brand image and achieve the goal of market promotion.

Our company is an enterprise that specializes in customizing business gifts for customers. We mainly help clients plan, design, and cast gifts that can carry the company’s core culture and marketing concepts for customers. Our aim is to perfectly combine creativity and culture, making our products perfect for both gift giving and marketing.

The gifts for important customers not only need to be high-end but also need to be valuable. When the projector is turned on, the first screen the projector shows can be designed by the giver. Through our technical process, you can put the information you want show into the projector. When the receiver turns on the projector, it will automatically run your information or your embedded TV commercials, static or dynamic pictures. and many more. . . Such a meaningful product is the best choice for gift.

We can customize value-added digital gifts for clients according to the different gift-giving purposes, different corporates, different gift-giving occasions and different consumer classes.

1. Audience:

Advertising can directly affects the group that has the most consuming power, the effect of family sales and actual feelings can maximize customer’s desire to buy and understand more about new products.

2. Cheaper investment:

This kind of advertising has broken the rules of traditional advertising media pricing. Advertisers can set their own spending budget and send advertisement to target customers in a targeted way. The form of advertisement is fashionable and novel.

3. Accuracy:

The biggest feature of advertising is that it reaches the final consumer directly, which truly realizes one-to-one transmission of information. It has strong effectiveness and a 300% reading rate. It can increase the contact rate between the consumers and the advertisements, in the limited time when users are contacted.

4. Flexibility:

The releasing time of advertisement is extremely flexible. Advertisers can change their advertisement content at any time according to the characteristics of the product, without any restrictions, which can maximize the actual needs of advertisers.

5. Strong brand promotion effect:

It has an instantaneous sensational effect that no other advertising media can match. It can last long and has high repetition rate.

As a gift, it not only requires customers to remember you, but also requires customers to understand your product. Of course, sending it out as a gift should not be completely about advertising. The products need to be usable for customers, so the presents can impact customers each time they use, and remember your company and products firmly.

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