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OTG Description

OTG can be used to connect various devices or mobile devices for data exchange. It has fast speed and has wide applications. The host and peripheral can swap during connection.

what’s NorFlash, NandFlash and eMMC ?

Flash memory is a sort of nonvolatile EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) that can be electrically wiped and erased and is used to store and transfer data between a computer (PC) and a digital device. There are two types of flash memory: NOR flash memory and NAND flash memory. MMC (multi media card) architecture is packed into a compact Ball Grid Array (BGA) IC package used in circuit boards and is more extensively utilized in portable devices because it is extremely suitable for storing a little quantity of code. NAND is an excellent choice for high-density data storage. The distinctions between the three types of flash memory are discussed in this tech note.

what is Data storage?

Definition of data storage
Text File for the Data Storage System: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Visual FoxPro
Data storage methods: DAS, NAS, SAN
Development of data storage
Market demand
Cloud storage

Definition of data

Yeestor eMMC5.1 main control chip YS8297 uses a 28nm process

The domestic storage sector has recently received some good news. Yeestor Microelectronics has mass-produced the latest eMMC5.1 main control chips, the YS8297, which it designed independently. The first batch of the chips was imported into Longsy

Customized gift USB Flash drive is a very good advertise product

Gift USB Flash drive has a function called Autorun, which means that it can automatically display the previous set files when it is used, making it a useful tool for advertisement. It is a good choice of prevent for customers, because it is useful for consumers and can advertise products or companies well.

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