January 15th 2023

SLC microSD industrial memory card highly stable pSLC memory chip

With the rapid development of the economy and urban-construction, people’s desire for security and visual perception of their surrounding environment (the inside and outside of their residences, buildings, factories, companies, or infrastructures) is expanding. Industrial applications such as video monitoring systems and industrial control devices are also rapidly evolving.

All equipment applications require efficiency and consistent performance. The ability of an industrial device to work continuously in a tough environment for a long period is strongly tied to its storage performance, storage capacity, and durability, as well as the quality of its terminal. As a result, the standards for memory chips in industrial equipment are extremely stringent.

MRT Electronics has officially introduced the pSLC microSD industrial memory card in response to market demand and industry development. This product features a highly stable pSLC memory chip and comes in capacities of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB, giving a variety of mobile storage solutions to industry customers.

Product information

The pSLC technology is designed specifically for industrial applications.

Main applications

Industrial monitoring systems, vehicle monitoring systems, industrial automation, mining, medical equipment, and other areas all employ pSLC microSD industrial memory cards.

Product advantages

Industrial-grade standards are met thanks to pSLC memory chips.

There are eight voltage states in a TLC 3bit/cell, but only two in an SLC 1bit/cell. The voltage differential between adjacent states grows as the number of voltage states decreases. As a result, pSLC technology may provide long erase/write life, high fault tolerance, and high stability.

Maintaining high quality through thorough product testing

MRT electronic microSD goods undergo comprehensive product testing before leaving the production, including aging, high and low temperature, and pressure, to assure stable and reliable product quality.

Data backup in the event of a power outage

The PSLC microSD industrial memory card contains an unintentional power failure data protection capability that may protect not only the integrity of the original data on the card, but also the data blocks that have been programmed before power failure to avoid data misunderstanding.

Stability, durability and compatibility

With 30,000 P/E and a life cycle of more than 5 years, the product is extremely durable. It is moisture-proof, anti-static, and anti-vibration. Tests demonstrate that its sequential write speed can be sustained above 60MB/s for an extended period of time with no significant slowdown. The 4K random write performance is likewise quite consistent, with speeds exceeding 5.66MB/s for an extended period of time.

Product features

Various capacities to meet different needs

The devices come in capacities of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. A range of capacities can suit the storage needs of diverse applications, whether it’s an on-board monitoring system or industrial automation.

Operation with several scenarios and strong industrial grade requirements

To extend the application margin, the product can fulfill the temperature requirement of -4085°C and adapt to various extreme working environments.


Innovation in sectors and technology has been fueled by the rapid growth of technologies in mobility, storage, the Internet, and the Internet of Things. These changes will assist industrial applications substantially in the next years.

With 9 years of technological growth since its inception in 2013, the MRT electronic mobile storage product line has been at the forefront of industry developments. Storage technology that focuses on industrial applications has now entered the industrial market, with superior product quality, excellent customization capabilities, and real-time technical support to provide customers with stable supply and high product reliability, as well as low risks of insufficient supply and compatibility. As a result, there is a virtuous cycle of growth and application.

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