January 16th 2023

USB drive shape Nvme SSD mobile hard disk, a measured speed 933MB/s

The hard disk took some time to upgrade from the previous mechanical hard disk of about 130MB/s speed to the popularity of SSD solid state around 500MB/s. However, Nvme’s solid-state drives have developed quite quickly recently. Its rapid reading and writing is indeed a lot better in terms of user experience. As long as the motherboard supports it, most people will choose Nvme.


First of all, simply unpack the package. The blue and white color packaging is quite fresh, and the front is printed with product model, appearance, capacity and other information. In addition, we also saw PICC underwriting and 3-year quality assurance after-sales guarantee; the back of the package is some basic parameters, main functions and manufacturer information. The biggest highlight is the use of the original high-quality 3D NAND FLASH particle Nvme SSD, and a reading speed of up to 940MB/s, which cannot be competed by traditional SATA hard drives.

high-quality 3D NAND FLASH particle Nvme SSD

In terms of related accessories, in addition to the product body, manual and thank-you letter, two 20cm data cables are provided, namely C-C and C-A, so that they can fully meet the needs of different device interfaces without additional purchases by users.

512GB Nvme SSD

ORICO troodon – wing series mini mobile solid state drive GV100 is slightly larger than ordinary USB drive, the approximate size is 96mm*30mm*9.9mm, the weight is only 28g, also light and portable. The shell material is made of aluminum alloy, which is not only resistant to compression and wear, but also ensures the safety of data when it is carried out. Its good heat dissipation performance ensures the stable transmission of data.

ABS circular buckle design

There is an ABS circular buckle design at the end of the hard disk, which can be used to hang the USB drive on the rings, so it can be carried around easily without lost it.

USB drive on the ring

ORICO troodon-wing series mini mobile solid state drive GV100 comes with a Type-C output interface, which uses the USB3.1 GEN2 main control scheme instead of GEN1, so its official introduction says that it can achieve a transmission speed of 940MB/s, of course the author will do an actual test later.

I won’t say much nonsense. just introduce the test environment first. The author’s mainboard is MSI B450M BAZOOKA PLUS (MS-7B90). Unfortunately, the highest transmission interface is only USB3.1 GEN1. Not very ideal for testing.



The fact is that test through the two softeares TxBENCH and CDM, respectively, the reading and writing speed results are both at 450MB/s, but for the maximum transmission rate of 5Gb/s for USB3.1 Gen1, the GV100 ORICO troodon-wing series mini mobile solid state drive performs quite well like this.

AS SSD Benchmark test reading speed 933mb

But how could I stop at this point, then I borrowed my colleague’s computer with USB3.1 Gen2 interface (maximum transfer rate 10Gb/s) to test, the reading speed reached 933MB/s, and the writing speed also reached 882MB/s, which is the official introduction The maximum transmission speed of 940MB/s is basically consistent with the official maximum transmission speed of 940MB/S. So, when you bought a hard drive, if you find the gap between actual and official performance is quite large, you need to find the reason in many aspects, it may not necessarily product’s quality problem.

NVME SSD compatible. Mobile phones, tablets, PS4, routers, etc

In addition to personal PCs and notebooks, the ORICO troodon-wing series mini mobile solid state drive GV100 is also very compatible. Mobile phones, tablets, PS4, routers, etc. can be directly connected. For example, the 64G Xiaomi Mi 8 I have often has insufficient memory, I can’t save any movies. But I do not need to worry if I have GV100.

512GB mini mobile solid state drive

The performance of ORICO troodon-wing series mini mobile solid state drive GV100 is quite good, with a rapid experience of 933MB/s, the compact size design is as portable as a USB drive, and the arbitrary switching of A port and C port meets the need of different 3C digital devices. It is indeed a very practical product.

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