January 16th 2023

The actual measurement of the anti-5G radiation 5GBioShield shows that it is just an ordinary Usb Thumb drive

Although most people welcome the arrival of 5G, others believe that next-generation networks will cause serious health problems. If you are worried that the 5G network will weaken your immune system and have a negative impact on your brain health and other health, then a USB flash drive on the market that sells for $346 and claim to use “breakthrough quantum technology” to protect your health can be your choice. However, according to the latest report, it is basically the same as a conventional USB thumb drive, only with a beautiful appearance.

Citing the British BBC report, a company called BioShield Distribution plans to launch a product called 5GBioShield. The product claims to use wearable holographic nanolayer catalysts, which can be worn or placed near smartphones, tablets, and any other devices that use electrical, radiation, and electromagnetic field (EMF) devices to shield these interferences and provide protection for you and your family.


It is written in the product promotion, “Through the process of quantum shock, the 5GBioShield USB key can balance and re-resonate the interference frequency generated by the airwaves of devices such as laptop computers, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, and tablet computers.”

5GBioShield USB key

The price of a USB key is 283 pounds (about 354 dollars), although bargainers can grab three for 958 pounds (about 973 dollars). It may sound expensive, but not only can they protect you from the effects of 5G, they can also “release a lot of vitality frequencies, which is conducive to the full activation of the body.”

However, BBC commissioned a company called Pen Test Partners to dismantle this U-disk device and found that it was no different from the “Crystal” USB disk available on the market, but the price of the latter one was only 5 pounds.

BioShield weight

The two directors of BioShield Distribution have previously participated in a business that sells a dietary supplement called Klotho formula. A person in charge of the company told the BBC that it does not manufacture or own the product, but it is a global distributor. “We have a lot of technical information, and are backed by a lot of historical research. You should know that for obvious reasons, we do not have the authority to fully disclose all this sensitive information to third parties.”

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