January 15th 2023

Custom Secure USB Flash drives

The custom secure USB Flash Drives adopts authorization management and encryption and decryption system for controlled data accessing. So, it realizes the full disk data encryption protection of the custom USB Flash Drive data and the password control of the safe area data accessing. Its self-contained network monitoring system can monitor the status of the network of which the USB Flash Drive is located at actual time, realizing external network blocking. This can effectively prevent USB Flash Drive from cross-use, prevent USB Flash Drive Trojan horse and virus damage, fundamentally blocked the way of custom USB Flash Drive data leaks and purified the USB Flash Drive usage environment.

Custom Secure USB Flash drives

1. Authorization management

It adopts authorization management, and has login authentication and computer use authentication functions.

2. Access control

The encryption area of custom secure USB Flash Drive is equipped with password protection. Password authentication is required when opening the encrypted disk, and random access is prohibited. Only legal users can access the encrypted data area of the secure USB Flash Drive with the right password.

Transparent data encryption and decryption

It uses special intelligent control and storage chips, and a data encryption technology that combines software and hardware, to encrypt and decrypt data in real time during the writing and reading process, and store data in the USB Flash Drive in the form of cipher text. This can effectively prevent illegal users from physically disassembling and interpreting the secure USB Flash Drive hardware.

Illegal outreach blocking

The custom secure USB Flash Drive can automatically detect the current network status. When secure USB Flash Drive is in an external network environment, the secure USB Flash Drive will automatically cut off the network and alert the monitoring server. When the secure USB Flash Drive is unplugged, the user network can be restored, which can effectively prevent data leakage.

Clear usage history

You can choose whether to automatically clear the current usage history of the secure USB Flash Drive or not.

Security audit

The custom secure USB Flash Drive has a log audit system, and the log information is not visible to users. The entry records and the operations of the users on the encrypted disk is documented in real time. Auditors can query the security USB Flash Drives log, which can effectively prevent user leakage.

Independent hardware information setting

You can customize the hardware identification information of the custom secure USB Flash Drives, and the USB Flash Drive secret level, department, number, and user can all be preset independently by security officer, and cannot be changed by the user.

Encrypted zone and non-confidential zone can be divided freely

The secure USB Flash Drive can be divided into two parts, one is the encrypted area, and the other is the non- confidential area. Users can set the size of the encrypted area and the non- confidential area according to their actual needs.

Protection settings

Users can independently set the wrong attempts to log in time and the no operation waiting time of the encrypted secure USB flash drive.

Independent operating system

Users can directly use the secure USB flash drive as the system disk without a local disk. The independent operating system contains common software such as office automation, so it can meet most of the user’s office matters.


In the past, secure USB Flash Drive was mainly used in national secret-related units or departments. As people pay more and more attention to information security, it is now widely used among private enterprises and individual users.


At present, most of the secure USB Flash Drives in the market use software encryption, that is to install a software in the USB Flash Drive. From technical point of view, it cannot be seen as a confidential USB flash drive, because the information can be viewed through other software. Taidian Encryption Master is a representative product of this type.

More high-end product: Aerospace blue west secure USB flash drive is a professional-grade confidential USB flash drive. It is widely used in government, military, aerospace, scientific research institutes, etc. The personal version of Huiju secure USB Flash Drive uses the world’s top AES256 encryption algorithm, military-grade data erasing technology and advanced computer management tools. It maximizes the protection of personal data from infringement in the existing technical field. Product that mainly aimed at the industry’s intranet security is the Pangu Encryption System.

Secure USB thumb drives


With the advent of the information era, computers have joined people’s lives and work in every aspect. Due to the popularization of computers, mobile storage media has become an indispensable information transmission tool in people’s daily work, but the security issue that comes with it has caused greater concern.

The relevant policies of the Confidentiality Law stipulate that in secret-related entities, cross-use of removable storage media is prohibited. But not every people can realize that intentional or unintentional behaviors may all bring hidden dangers to the information security of confidential computers.

It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 The cross-use of mobile storage media and secret-related computers has made it more difficult to manage information, because there is a blind area of management.

2 Inside users have no such security awareness. They cross-use confidential storage media and non-confidential storage media.

3 The use of storage media is manually recorded. Random recordings, omissions, or careless handwriting can all bring inconvenience to the accounting statistics, making it difficult to find out the reasons that causes the problems.

4 Ordinary portable storage media does not have a protective program, it may cause secret leakage if it is lost.

5 Ordinary portable storage media has no encryption area, anyone can use it at will, making it hard to find the person who is responsible.

6 If the storage media that contains classified information is linked to the internet illegally, it willcaused the leakage of classified information.

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