January 15th 2023

Smart phone OTG USB flash drives is also called Vpan

Smart phone USB, the full name is smart phone OTG USB USB flash drive. It is a micro high-capacity mobile storage product that uses a USB interface and does not require a physical drive. It can be connected to a computer or smart phone through the USB interface to achieve instant plug and play.

OTG USB Connection Kit

Smart phone OTG USB flash drives is also called “vpan”. This is a high-speed mobile storage product that uses wireless wifi technology and does not need to be connected with cable. That is how its different from ordinary mobile phone OTG USB.

OTG USB Flash drive

Brief introduction

Mobile phone otg usb flash drives was originally a patented product developed by a digital storage company called KDATA. It mainly aimes at the increasing demand for efficient mobile office and entertainment sharing and data exchange. Later, samzu improved it and introduced a smart phone card USB flash drive, which does not require dual heads and is smaller.

With the rapid popularity of smart phones, smart phones have surpassed notebook computers to become the most important mobile digital terminal device. With the continuous increase of large amounts of data content, data sharing between mobile phones and computers has become more and more important, and smart phone OTG USB flash drives have greatly facilitated the mobile storage needs of mobile phones.

The development of science and technology, a patented product, Smartphone OTG USB, developed by a company called FDSTECH in Suzhou, is mainly developed for the smart phone needs like personal privacy, office entertainment, and data exchange across platforms. It can conveniently encrypt mobile data backup of many smart phones.


The composition of a mobile phone OTG USB Flash drives is very simple: shell + movement.

The composition of a smart phone OTG USB Flash drives: shell + built-in battery + wifi chip + movement.


1. The mobile phone OTG USB retains all the functions of an ordinary OTG USB. For example: it can be made into a system installation boot disk

Mobile phone OTG USB can be used just like a normal OTG USB. It can read and store data on PC, and can also copy the data from PC to mobile phone OTG USB, making preparation for us to read these files on mobile devices.

2. Based on the support of OTG technology on the basis of conventional otg USB flash drives, connect with smart phones, tablet computers and other devices to read data through interfaces such as Micro USB. Devices with Android system can give it relatively good support.

OTG USB flash drive features

1. Smart phone OTG USB retained all the functions of ordinary OTG USB as well, it supports instant plug and play.

2. Privacy encryption (Private disk is the encrypted disk and requires the owner’s password to log in. Click on the private disk and enter the password to log in to the private disk and then you can operate in it. All data in the private disk is encrypted and only you can see it.)

3. Backup and restore (Take SMS as an example: newly added SMS can be automatically backed up. When it needs to be restored, it can be restored to the phone. Other module operations are similar to SMS operations, they are all very simple.)

4. Cross-platform operation (you only need to install the corresponding version of the VPAN app in you Android or iPhone, then upload the data that needs to be synchronized to the smart OTG USB, and then the other mobile phone can directly download and restore the data. The OTG USB can automatically calculate and convert data, just wait for a minute or two.)

5. Multi-person sharing (upload the files that need to be shared to the public disk, and other users can log in the mobile phone OTG USB flash drives through Wi-Fi to download. You can share files with other users online.)


1. Data sharing, compatible with multiple platforms and multiple devices.

Connect with smart phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices (their software and hardware need to support OTG function), compatible with Android 2.3 or above, or other smart phone systems, such as Symbian 3. In this way, data sharing among PC, MAC, PDA, Smart Phone and other devices can be realized.

2. Expand the storage capacity of mobile devices

It can realize data sharing between external storage devices and expand capacity. It can realize watching movies, playing games, reading documents, photos, and transferring data. You can store all your favorite games and movies in it, so it can help you break through the mobile phone capacity limit and become your mobile movie library and game library. You can also lend it to a friend, just as easy as borrowing a CD or DVD.

3. Store beauty and share fun

The mobile phone OTG USB can transfer data between multiple terminals and multiple platforms, and realize data reading and writing. The same happiness can be shared around. When you return home, you can insert it into a multimedia smart TV to watch movies and enjoy photos instantly. You can insert it into a mobile phone or tablet to continue to watch unfinished movies outdoors. The space limitation of mobile phone storage capacity will be broken. According to your needs, you can choose 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, or 128G capacity to install games, save large files, and save high-definition movies. It is relatively cost-effective to buy a large-capacity mobile phone OTG USB instead of a large-capacity mobile phone due to the price difference. When sharing your favorite movies with friends, it is quite limited to transmit via WIFI, because you must stay in a place with WIFI. The speed to transmit with Bluetooth is too slow, and the matching may not be successful. But, transmit with mobile phone OTG USB is relatively straightforward and simple.

Smart phone OTG USB Flash drive

1. It can backup and accurately restore contacts, text messages, photos, videos, files, and memos in the phone. And it can be used as a OTG USB when the power is turned off.

2. You can share music, pictures, videos, and other files with your friends without affecting your private content, and you can play them directly without downloading them first.

3. it support cross-platform usage, such as Android/IOS/Windows mainstream operating systems. It can synchronize and backup contacts, text messages, pictures, etc. across platforms.

4. One touch to open, simple and fast operation method, letting you have an extraordinary sensory experience. Its exquisite product packaging and good quality has made it more attractive and nobleness!

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