January 15th 2023

Most people don’t know how to choose the memory card in dash camera.

Nowadays, driving recorder is accepted by the majority of car owners. Everyone has a certain understanding of many brands, but some people may not know much about the memory card of the core accessories of driving recorder. Even some owners who buy the driving recorder for the first time do not know that it must be equipped with a memory card to use. To know that driving recorder memory card is very important for dash cam, almost all driving recorder need to be equipped with a memory card to use, and generally most of the purchase of driving recorder do not bring a memory card.

microSD, SD, SDHC and SDXC cards

When we buy the memory card by ourselves, we find that the driving recorder can not write the scene or read the data after writing, which is caused by using the memory card that is not compatible with the driving recorder.
Most driving recorders on the market now use TF, SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. First, let’s see what’re the differences among these four cards.

DashCam 32GB Micro SDHC Card Class 10

The original name of IT card is Trans-flash card. It officially renamed its name as Micro SD card in 2004, which is invented by San Disk company. That’s why we bought the TF card with the word MicroSD. Even the name is changed, we are still used to call it TF card. TF card is very small with 15mm*11mm*1mm volume. Which is equivalent to the size of the nail plate, so you must be sure to keep it in a safe place when storing it. It may blow away in a gust of wind.

the full name of SD card is Secure Digital. As a standard of flash memory card, it is widely used in portable devices, such as digital cameras and other multimedia players. It follows SD1.0/1.1 specification. As the SD card specified in the SD1.1 specification uses FAT12 and FAT16 file systems, the SD card complying with the sd1.1 specification can only reach a maximum capacity of 2G. Therefore, we seldom see this card on the market.

1GB C4 sd card

SDHC is the abbreviation of Secure Digital High Capacity that is high capacity memory card. In May 2006, SD Association issued the system specification of SD 2.0, which stipulated that SDHC conforms to the specification and the capacity of SDHC memory card is from 4GB-32GB.

32gb sdxc cards

The main feature of SDHC is that the file format has been upgraded from FAT12 and FAT16 to FAT32, and it supports up to 32GB. At the same time, the transmission speed is redefined as Class2, Class4, Class6, class10 and so on. The high-speed SD card can support the real-time storage of high-resolution video recording.

The full name of SDSXC is SD Extended Capacity. It is the new generation SD memory card standard introduced by SD alliance, aiming to greatly improve the interface speed and memory capacity of memory card.


Even the SDXC memory card is based on NAND flash memory technology as the mainstream SD card, its capacity is much higher than the previous SDHC. The common capacity of SDXC standard can reach 64GB, and the theoretical capacity is 2TB, which is 64 times of the maximum capacity of existing SDHC memory card.

64gb sd color print

The driving recorder memory card was generally divided to ordinary card and high speed card. The number surrounded by an unclosed ring represents the transmission spd level of the TF card, and different levels meet different use needs.

Class0 is also named C0 card.

Class2 is also known as C2 card, it can meet the requirements of watching ordinary MPEG4 movies and digital video shooting.

Class 4 generally is the special card for driving recorder.

Class6 is generally applicable to SLR camera shooting.

Class10: it is generally suitable for people who pursue the perfect card speed requirements to meet the needs of higher speed storage.

writing speed, capacity and stability of memory cards

The transmission speed from fast to slow are Class 10. Class 6, Class4, Class2 and Class0.

The common cards in our daily life are C4, C6 and C10, which respectively indicate that the random write speed is 4MB / s, 6MB / s and 10MB / s. The high-speed card will make the dash cam run smoothly.

If your driving recorder is 480P, you can use the most general IT card.

If it is 720P, C4 fast card is enough.

If it is 1080P, you must use the memory card above C6.

If you want to have a smoother effect, we recommend you use C10 memory card.

Under normal circumstances, the driving card needs to generate 100MB video files in one minute. Let’s introduce the relationship between capacity and shooting time. There is no need to pursue large capacity for dash cam memory card, as long as it is enough. Because most of the dash cam have the ability of cycle shooting, it is better to set the cycle shooting time to a few minutes. Because the time is too long, when the record is full and the previous file is overwritten, it is easy to affect a file with a long time. If the time is too short, it is very difficult to find the record. The performance of TF card and SD card is basically the same, but the volume is different. We try to choose a larger cache of TF card or SD card when we choose, so that the video is more fluent, the compatibility is better, and the most important thing is that we will not miss seconds.

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