January 15th 2023

In the family of SSD, the products supported by NVMe protocol have more advantages.

What is the function of NNMe protocol? It seems that the SSD has a lot of benefits.

In recent years, with the rapid expansion and upgrading of intelligent hardware, lightweight, fast and efficiency have become the main direction of people’s pursuit. You who once appeared as “enthusiast” may not keep up with the pace of the times. Even so, we still need to touch the efficient experience brought by cutting-edge products in our life. Let’s take the solid-state drive as an example to talk about its differences.

In terms of SSD, it’s fast speed keeps in many people’s minds. Compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk, the SSD has smaller volume, higher transmission efficiency and better durability. In the family of SSD, the products supported by NVMe protocol have more advantages.

Compared with the connection methods such as SATA, SAS or fibre channel used by ordinary SSDs, NVMe protocol has obvious advantages in performance and can significantly reduce latency. In detail, NVMe protocol can increase the maximum queue depth from 32 to 64000, and the IOPs capability of SSD will be greatly improved. At the same time, its automatic power consumption state switch and dynamic power consumption management function can reduce the power consumption of the product, and solve the drive applicability problem between different PCIe SSDs.

If you don’t understand, don’t worry. You just know it’s the best choice of hard disk for notebook and desktop. Let’s talk about the actual performance of the two products in detail.

Now that we talk about data storage products, we have to mention that Western Digital is the leader in the industry. As a brand with many years of product R & D experience, WD still has a benchmark level in the field of SSD SSD supporting NVMe protocol. Taking WDS500G1B0C as an example, the hard disk adopts the M2.2280 appearance and size specification. The compact and exquisite hard disk can be used in various environments, and it also saves a lot of space for other peripheral hardware.

Even it’s volume is small, WDS500G1B0C still has 500G capacity. Even if you are a game enthusiast in your daily life, 500G of storage space is enough.

As one of the advantages of SSDs, WDS500G1B0C does well in reading and writing speed. The 500G version of the hard disk can read 1700mb / s continuously and write 1450mb / s continuously. Such efficient transmission performance can provide you with high-speed feedback effect in daily use. Whether it’s the speed of boot, the speed of opening large programs, the speed of loading games and the speed of transferring various kinds of files, all benefit from this, and say goodbye to the carton experience thoroughly.

In addition to the performance of transmission efficiency, WDS500G1B0C has outstanding performance in energy saving. Thanks to the support of technology based on WD black NVMe protocol, the hard disk can show three times higher efficiency than the SATA SSD with low power consumption, which can bring better endurance strength for notebook users. At the same time, the hard disk is also equipped with an internal controller, which uses 3D NAND flash technology to make the hard disk take into account capacity, so as to improve performance and reliability. Try to avoid the blue screen and other situations caused by the storage process, so as to achieve both efficiency and stability.

As a Geek enthusiast, I will further explore higher efficiency and quality experience. WDS500G3X0C, owned by WD, is another SSD that I like to support NVMe protocol.

As a product for users with high performance requirements, WDS500G3X0C adopts 64 layer 3D NAND technology for support, and has more space for performance and capacity support. In addition, WDS500G3X0C also has its own heat radiator design, which can be selected by desktop users according to their own needs.

In addition to the difference in appearance, WDS500G3X0C mainly improves the transmission efficiency. Thanks to the NVMe protocol and the excellent performance of the hard disk, the peak transmission speed of wds500g3x0c can reach 3470mb / s, which is nearly twice the speed of the same specification product.

If you have to ask how fast it is? At least in the game reading interface and 3D rendering process will not make you feel sleepy, so the description should be more direct.

Different from many other products, WDS500G3X0C is equipped with WD black SSD dashboard operation template. Players can directly view the working state of the solid-state disk in the computer. Meanwhile, they can also turn on the “game mode” specifically, disable the sleep mode of the system, avoid a series of interference items around the outside world, and create a more immersive environment for game experience and high-performance requirements Performance environment for.

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