January 15th 2023

The key method to get full capacity or real Micro SD Cards is by H2testing and order with bulk Micro SD Wholesaler

Bulk Micro SD Cards have varies sources in the market, the price of them is complicated. Why we use the word “complicated” to define the price? As the price will have $1-2.5/pc difference, even you buy them in same capacity. That’s because the market is mixed with genuine and fake Micro SD Card.   

What’s the result if we purchase fake Micro SD Card?

As we know that Micro SD Card always acts as the accessory for our digital device, we use best micro SD card for Gopro, drone, android phones, tablets, GPS, Raspberry pi and the other gadgets. Then the quality is highly important for the micro SD card, these digital devices will not work functionally if you are using fake Micro SD Card. Some frauds use bulk Micro SD 128MB to pretend to be 128GB, how big difference between these two cards? E.g. if you are using one fake 128gb micro SD card for your drone, then it means the beautiful view you can record is only 128mb inside. It will be catastrophe for you, as you paid high expenses for one drone and traffic cost to the scenic spot, ridiculously it is all ruined due to one tiny Micro SD Card. Therefore, you can know how important to identify full capacity Micro SD Cards.

Can we get reliable source for Bulk Micro SD Card?

There are many manufacturers for wholesale Micro SD Cards except brand ones, then where to buy micro SD card? It will directly affect the quality of Micro SD Card, so it is the key to find reliable source, otherwise no one can guarantee if the Micro SD Card is full capacity. In fact, it has many instructions to follow. Firstly, we could search online and visit the sites of Micro SD Card wholesalers, then study on the development and history of this company, normally they will not sell fake products if they have good reputation. Moreover, we can check the reviews of their online shops; these are the easiest way to find out after-sales comments. With these careful checking before the purchase, the chance of getting fake Micro SD Cards is very low.

What’s the straightest way to find out Full capacity Micro SD Card?
The key point to avoid buying fake micro SD card is know what kind cards are fake. So the basic living principle for the storage world is to learn the testing skill of Micro SD Card. In fact, it is very easy to operate; you can start it by one card reader and one laptop or PC.

Let’s explain the process by words. At the beginning, we should download the testing software H2test, this software can find out how many broken and fake fractions inside, meanwhile, it can tell the reading and writing speed of your bulk Micro SD Card. Initially we connect the Micro SD Card with pc, then please run on the software to read this disk. It may spend minutes or hours to finish the whole testing due to the capacity of Micro SD Card.

The video will tell you how to identify the Micro SD Card

In order to save your time one testing, we provide this video for vivid introduction. Let’s check with this video and protect you from any cheating on purchasing Memory Cards.

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