January 15th 2023

Logo Printing for wholesale USB flash drives are mainly selling for company promotion or exhibition.

Logo Printing for wholesale USB Drives is the key step, as these USB flash drives are mainly selling for company promotion or exhibition. Then the logo of the drive can stand for the company, and provide ads for this company. Therefore, the design and printing way of this logo is very important, it is the first step to catch people’s attention. There are many ways for logo printing, such as silk printing, laser printing, engraving printing, UV printing and pad printing. Why are so many different printing ways? Because there are plenty of  logo printing USB flash drive in different materials, which are leather USB drive, Plastic memory stick, Metal USB flash drive, Wooden USB Drive, Credit card USB, OTG USB stick and so on.

USB logo printing

The suitable USB flash drive for company promotion
As we mentioned so many USB models previously, which model will be suitable for company promotion? We recommend metal USB flash drive. Metal USB stick has hard and shining shell, it will bring people high-end feeling. Moreover, it is strong enough to against shakes or falls, as we use this storage device for business purpose, then the data inside must be guaranteed from any missing, so the metal shell can do perfect protection. Furthermore, the design of Bulk Metal USB drive is serious and rigorous; it is definitely fitting for the business-working environment. With this kind model for company promotion, it will raise the trust among your clients.

Laser Printing for Metal USB Drive
Firstly, let’s check laser-printing way. It requests high temperature for the printing, then it will not be suitable for Plastic models, the best option for this printing is Metal USB Drive. As Metal USB can stand high temperature, also the shell is hard enough to do engraving.

The advantage of Laser Printing
Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process. The logo printed by this way is permanent, as all the info is engraved deeply in the shell, it will not be vanished ever unless you destroy it by violent way. This advantage is much better than silk printing or UV printing, as they can’t guarantee no missing for the logo info. Besides it, laser printing is super fast. As if we input the correct logo into the laser printer, it can proceed the printing directly, and thousands of USB drive can be printed after decade minutes. Comparing to the silk printing, it is super speedy by laser printing, as silk printing needs time to wait the oil get dry. Furthermore, the cost for laser printing is super cheap, as no need to pay for oil cost; the only expense is on the electricity. As if we use wooden USB Drive or Metal USB stick, the first choice of printing must be laser way.

The video for laser printing
In order to bring more vivid explanation of laser printing, we provide our laser printing process by video. It will shock you by the speedy movement; also it produces high-quality logo text. Let check the video below, and feel the miracle of the printing world, and free the hand from annoyed silk printing.

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