January 15th 2023

Can we Fix SD Bulk SD CardS if the button gets lost?

SD Card is one of the earliest versions of bulk memory card. It is the main storage for SLR Cameras. There are some differences between SD Card and Micro SD in the exterior looking. Firstly SD Card in bulk is much bigger than Micro SD, and then it has one lock button at the left side of the Shell. This lock button is the protection switch, which can protect the data inside from copy or writing. Although this button is one good point for security, it has an annoyed issue after frequent using, that’s we may lose the button sometimes.

Can we still use this SD Memory Card if the button gets lost? To answer this question, the best way is to do the testing. Unfortunately, the performance of bulk SD Card cannot be guaranteed due to the button, as if we lock the SD card when the button is on, this bulk SD Cards will be locked at the same time, there is no way to access to read the data inside. Then it means this SD card in bulk will be useless? The answer is negative, as every problem will have one solution to resolve, the key issue is if you are using the right way.

As it is one common problem, then we have figure out one easy way to resolve it. We made one video at the bottom, the video will guide you how to fix the lock button easily. If you hope know the steps by words, you could check below introduction.

The direct way to fix the lost button of SD Card

As the introduction in previous contents, we’d better to fix the button if we hope continue using the SD Card. Let’s firstly prepare the necessary tools for this great button.

  1. We need one knife and one glue gun; I guess it is the simplest tool for any repair process. The glue gun is for making the new button, so it is important to make sure you are choosing the glue in good quality.
  2. Take the glue gun pointing to the place of lost button, press the button in the gun and make sure the glue coming out in appropriate volume.
  3. Then let’s wait for the glue cool down, when the glue turns to be hard, we need to use the knife to cut off extra glues. In this way, the glue can be well connected to the SD Card shell.
  4. Finally, we can move the new button as before, your locked SD card gets open again.

fix sd cards lock button

So the process of fixing the button is as easy as above 4 steps. As if we fix one new lock button, the bulk SD Card can work as perfect as new one. Although the looking of new button is not charming, it is the most practical button at all.

Video Guide

Any interesting in fixing SD Card? Especially the SD Card has lost lock button? Please check this video, it will teach you how to use simple tools to fix SD Card. Then you will be no more worrying about similar issue, let’s work on our own and be technical specialist.

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