January 16th 2023

Samsung PRO Plus SD memory card

There is an increasing number of professional content makers with the rapid development of the content industry. As 4K and 8K video cameras became more popular, photographers’ equipment need improved storage solutions to let content creators operate more efficiently. Samsung, one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies, recently released the Pro Plus Samsung SD memory card, a superior video and photo storage option with improved stability.

Depending on their demands, users can select between the new Samsung SD Memory card Pro Plus series and the Evo Plus series. Let’s look at how the Samsung Pro Plus SD memory card functions now. The read performance of this SD memory card is 160MB/s, and the write performance is 120MB/s, according to its published specifications. It may simply be used with a 4K video camera for continuous high-speed recording. A Samsung high-speed card reader is also included in the bundle, which has a thoughtful, user-friendly design.

Samsung Pro Plus SD memory card blue packaging

Famous Brand – Samsung

The Samsung Pro Plus SD memory card comes in a blue packaging that appears professional and serene, in keeping with Samsung’s continuous minimalist design aesthetic.

In addition to the brand, performance, and capacity information printed on the package, the Samsung Pro Plus SD memory card also includes a Samsung high-speed SD card reader, which is an added bonus for users. Meanwhile, You will be hard pressed to locate another manufacturer who will provide you with a free card reader. All in all, Samsung is a fantastic company that is both thoughtful and generous.
The uhs-i interface design of the Samsung Pro Plus SD memory card is compatible with most digital cameras, video cameras, laptops, and other devices now on the market. It readily enables 4K HD video recording thanks to the U3 and C10 speeds. Its read and write speeds of 160MB/s and 120MB/s, respectively, have achieved the highest limit of an uhs-i interface. For the time being, it is one of the most powerful uhs-i SD memory cards available.

Samsung Pro Plus SD memory cards variety of capacities

The performance of Pro Plus card

The Samsung Pro Plus SD memory cards come in a variety of capacities, including 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. A user might select one based on his or her requirements. The read and write speeds of SD cards with capacities more than 128GB can approach 160MB/S and 120MB/S, respectively. When purchasing them, users should keep this in mind. A SD card with a capacity of more than 128GB is recommended for a 4K video camera.

In terms of longevity, the Samsung Pro Plus SD memory cards have passed 1,000 fault-free plug-in durability tests. As a result, users can utilize them without fear. This SD card is also waterproof, resistant to both high and low temperatures, X-ray proof, anti-magnetic, impact proof, crash proof, and wear resistant. Users don’t have to worry about the memory card’s quality thanks to Samsung’s 10-year warranty.

Speed Testing Results

Let’s do a performance test now. We’ll use an Intel h45 platform with an i7-11800h processor and a USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps interface. The exact test results are as follows.

Intel h45 with 10Gbps interfac

The CrystalDiskMark test is the first. The sequential read of the Samsung Pro Plus SD memory card reaches 160MB/s, and the sequential write exceeds 120MB/s in this test. The performance is excellent. It’s simple to use with a 4K video recorder and can handle high-speed continuous recording. Professionals will appreciate the card.

Samsung PRO Plus SD memory card is 159.435MB per S

TxBENCH is the second test. The sequential read of the Samsung PRO Plus SD memory card is 159.435MB/S, and the sequential write is 124.3MB/S. The performance is great, with the speed approaching the uhs-i SD memory card’s maximum speed. Thus, it demonstrates that the product is one of the best in its class.

samsung pro sd memory card AS SSD Benchmark test

The AS SSD Benchmark is the subject of the third test. The Samsung PRO Plus SD memory card has a sequential read speed of 151.03MB/S as well as a sequential write speed of 118.13MB/S. This is nearly identical to the officially reported speed. The performance is good, and it meets the requirements of a variety of video cameras for high-speed continuous shooting.

samsung pro plus sd card ATTO Disk test

The ATTO Disk test is the final step. There are the results of the tests in the diagram above. The sequential read speed of the Samsung PRO Plus SD memory card is 151.48MB/S, while the sequential write speed is 120.94MB/S. The process of Video filming and file copying is more efficient at such speeds. Users will almost certainly have a better experience with them.

recorded 60 frames of 1080p video with a Nikon d750

Conclusion for bulk Samsung SD cards

In our testing, we recorded 60 frames of 1080p video with a Nikon d750. There was no jamming throughout the entire recording process. Moreover, we received high-quality photographs when we executed the high-speed continuous shooting. Furthermore, there was no jamming during the continuous shooting, which lasted more than 60 seconds. Overall, the user experience was excellent.
And when we copied the video off the card, the pace reached 160MB/s, which was significantly higher than the average copying speed. Therefore, this substantially increased our productivity and made later editing and processing much easier.

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