January 16th 2023

Does bulk SD Express Card Widely Used in Consumer Market?

With the advancement of the visual picture industry, more and more artists are pursuing video materials with greater quality and frame rate. This is not only improving the audience’s visual perception, but also allowing more flexible editing space for later stages. The efficiency of high-speed storage devices is particularly crucial to these producers. SD express card is going to launch for catching the trend.



High Speed Storage – SD express card

After entering the era of high-speed storage, compatibility issues will definitely arise in the use process. Because it is affecting the use experience of creators, such as SD card transmission speed reduction, non-recognition, and other issues. As a result, at the end of 2021, SD Association officially launched the SVP (SD express / uhs-ii verification program) certification program. The program included the SD express / uhs-ii products that passed the physical test of SD Association in the list. Meanwhile it allows creators to select more reliable products and facilitating the positive development of the overall SD card ecology.

Simultaneously with the SD card upgrade, a growing number of manufacturers are releasing high-end notebooks. These notebooks support the SD Express standard. At the just ended MWC 2022, Lenovo unveiled a new ThinkPad X1 Extreme notebook. While supporting the 12th-generation Intel processors and NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, it added an SD7.0 Express card reader to the I/O interface. Creators can process high-definition video and picture materials more efficiently at anytime and anyplace. The unlimited creativity thanks to the maximum performance and rich interfaces.

The Premier Extreme SDXC SD7.0 Express Card, recently developed by ADATA, is the world’s first consumer-grade memory card. Its standard has passed the SD Association’s SD Express Verification Program (SVP). It uses Silicon Motion’s SM2708 main control chip to deliver read and write. In addition, the speed of it is up to 800/700 MB/s. At the same time, it is greatly beyond the current mainstream UHS-II performance level. Besides it, it is backward compatible with UHS-I devices, with 256GB and 512GB capacity specs.

SMI Controller

Silicon Motion’s SM2708 SD Express main control chip supports UHS-I and NVMe 1.3x specifications, as well as the SD Association’s 7.0/7.1/8.0 specifications. It can deliver up to 900MB/s transfer speed under the 7.0/7.1 specification (PCIe Gen3 x1). What’s the transfer speed can be up to 1,700MB/s under the SD8.0 specification (PCIe Gen3 x2). It can handle high-resolution and high-frame-rate video shooting, 3D graphics games, drones, action cameras, and virtual reality. Furthermore, it can be compatible with the other applications requiring extremely fast data transmission. Additionally, the SM2708 offers high-performance and high-reliability expandable storage applications. It makes it ideal for high-end notebook computers such as gaming and workstation PCs, allowing users to store data more efficiently.

Satisfying high-performance requirements, the SM2708 controller also supports Silicon Motion’s patented NANDXtend ECC technology, internal data path protection and programmable firmware, allowing SD cards equipped with the SM2708 controller to achieve maximum reliability and durability.

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