January 16th 2023

How to buy and use memory card for dash cameras?

I believe that most car owners and friends will install a dash cam for their car. Everyone knows that the driving recorder also has a certain amount of capacity, but many car owners are blind and random when choosing bulk sd cards for their recorders. You must know that the most important role of driving recorder is that it can provide strong evidence in the event of traffic accident, so there are many precautions when purchasing and using bulk micro sd cards. Today I will help you understand it.

First, card speed:

Driving recorders require that memory cards to be at least a class10 high-speed memory card. Class10 only represents reading speed, but the recorder requres the writing speed of the card. The speed of recorders is changing each passing day and many of them support 4K recording. Of course, a memory card with a higher writing speed should be used.



Minimum write speed of serial data

SD bus mode

recommanded usage

UHS Speed Level




4K 2K video recording



Full-HD video recording
continuous shooting, Full-HD static photo

Speed Class



High Speed (HS)



Normal Speed (NS)

HD or Full-HD video shooting





normal video shooting

bulk micro SD, sd cards

Second capacity

This depends on the user manual of the driving recorder: what kind of card can be equipped, how large the card can be are all explained in there. As long as the size does not exceed the carrying capacity of the equipment, you can choose according to your actual situation.

However, if you want to save the entire video on a self-driving tour, it would be a problem if the capacity is too small. Even the loop video can only save about one and a half hours of video. Once a traffic accident requires evidence collection, there may be data loss. So, try to buy a memory card with a larger memory.

industry memory cards

Third quality

Due to the complicated driving conditions of many car owners, the jitter can easily cause the recorder to be too hot, unable to store, unable to record, crash and black screen, and may even burn the driving recordder directly. It is said that the smaller the capacity, the easier it is to break.

As long as you drive, the memory card will be written and erased continuously, while the number of erasing and writing of a consumer-level memory card is only 300, frequent card replacement has become a headache for many drivers. In addition, consumer-grade memory cards do not have a life reminder function, and car owners have no idea when their card should be replaced, and once the number of erasing and writing is used up, data loss is extremely likely to occur. In addition, bad weather can easily cause damage to the memory card, so it is particularly important to ensure the quality when purchasing a memory card.

MTR3C Industrial Storage↓↓↓

Industrial Memory sd cards and micro sd cards

High-speed reading and writing, stable recording

Support 4K Ultra HD video

24/7 recording

Record the surrounding environment of the vehicle at all times

3000 erasing times

The service life is 10 times that of consumer grade card

Lifespan Tips

Timely replacement to ensure data security

Working temperature from -40℃ to 85℃

Impact resistance, X-ray resistance, waterproof, anti-magnetic

It can function normally in severe environments

before Use Bulk Micro SD Card in dash cam what is Precautions?

Let’s start to learn the tips for installing and maintaining the SD memory cards for digital camera.

Memory card storage disks (SD Cards Bulk) are used in the same way as a memory stick or backup disk on your computer

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