January 16th 2023

Greatly improves device, high cost performance Kioxia microSD card evaluation

Greatly improves device, high cost performance Kioxia (formerly Toshiba Storage) microSD card evaluation

As an industry expert, ide0007 has a lot of digital devices, and there are many products that require a microSD card as a storage medium. I am actually very cautious when choosing a microSD cards, because I have experienced too many tragedies caused by microSD card damages and lost many precious data. After trying so many brands, I finally chose the Kioxia microSD card. Perhaps the name Kioxia is still relatively unfamiliar to everyone. In fact, it is the former Toshiba storage. After the name change, its appearance has changed, but the quality is still excellent. Today, ide0007 will take a 256GB Kioxia microSD card as an example, and bring you an evaluation of this memory card.

Kioxia microSD cards are very clear in terms of positioning. According to the color classification, they are blue cards that are highly cost performance, red card that have high-speed storage, and green cards that are durable. This time, ide0007 will test a very cost-effective blue card. The price of this 256GB Kioxia microSD card is less than 200 yuan on the e-commerce platform. Combined with the quality of the original Japanese particles, the cost performance is really high.

In terms of speed, there is a mark on the back of the package showing that the maximum reading speed of this Kioxia microSD card can reach 100MB/s, which is very good.

There is nothing else to say about the appearance of the Kioxia microSD card. The color scheme is mainly blue, and the features are very eye-catching. The precise positioning makes me believe that Kioxia will have its own world in the field of microSD cards.

In terms of usage, the devices that most commonly use KIOXIA microSD card should be the mobile phones. Most mobile phones are designed compatible to microSD card expansion, which is a very good solution for users whose mobile phone storage space is not enough. This Kioxia microSD card has a capacity of 256GB, which is definitely enough for daily use.

Of course, its use is not limited on mobile phones, some domestic tablets also support microSD card expansion. For example, I use it on my pad. 256GB of space is enough for me to store a large number of cartoons, movies, TV series and other resources. The pad becomes a mobile player in seconds. It is a good choice to coax children and go out to watch videos for leisure.

Don’t think that the blue Kioxia microSD card cannot be used for monitoring. Its high cost performance is not only reflected in the price, but also in quality. There is no problem to use it in the monitoring camera. Large-capacity space can ensure more local video storage, but you must choose a good capacity before use, because some surveillance equipment does not support microSD cards that are too large.

It is also a good choice to use the Kioxia microSD card in a sports camera. Many sports cameras now use 4K video storage, which takes up a lot of space, and cards that are too small can not cope with it. But this 256GB KIOXIA microSD card shall have no problem. Such a large space can ensure long-term video storage, so you can shoot at your will.

It is even okay to connect a Kioxia microSD card to a card reader as a USB flash drive. ide0007 also used a computer to test the Kioxia microSD card. From the test results, the reading speed can reach 94.6MB/s, which basically reaches the nominal value.

In the process of using the KIOXIA microSD card, my biggest feeling is that its compatibility and stability are all very good. Not only can it be easily identified in various devices, but it also runs stably during use without any errors. It secures data storage.

For a microSD card, compatibility and stability are the best indicators. Both of these aspects should be achieved to make a good memory card. What’s more, the price of Kioxia microSD card is not high, and the cost performance is outstanding, so it is a very good expansion storage option. This is how I feel about the Kioxia microSD card evaluation. How you feel about it?

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