January 16th 2023

there are still many people who don’t really know about RAM recently.

A complete knowledge of RAM, which is the basic computer knowledge and is easy to understand. Basic knowledge

If you don’t know about RAM. If you just know that the larger RAM is better and if you want to know more about RAM, you can read this passage. Today I want to share some knowledge about RAM which is easy to understand.

Definition and function

RAM, also named as random access RAM, is a RAM technology. But it is different from hard disk RAM. Once the RAM is powered off, all data will be lost.

Because the CPU processor speed is very fast, and the hard disk read-write speed can’t keep up with the CPU speed at all even the same SSD. One is urgent to use and the other is slow, so we need a middle man to help, which is the RAM. The data in the hard disk can be transferred to the RAM first and saved. If the CPU needs it, it can be read directly from the RAM quickly. On the contrary, after the CPU finishes fast processing, first put it into the RAM and then slowly put the RAM into the hard disk.

After having RAM, the data transmission speed between CPU and hard disk will be faster.


Capacity is how much data you can save. If the capacity is larger, the saved data is also more. Which means that you can simultaneously run more programs. If there is too much program data and the RAM is full, the CPU will get data directly from the hard disk. That’s why when we see that the RAM capacity is 99% or 100%, the computer is almost stuck.

The capacity is limited. How much RAM of a computer can put depends on the motherboard, so it is necessary to know the maximum supported RAM capacity of the motherboard.


That black block on RAM is RAM particles. The mainstream particle manufacturers are Samsung, Hynix and Micron. There are good particles and bad particles. The good one is made to high-end RAM, while the bad one is made to ordinary RAM. How to distinguish particles? Appearance is invisible. We can simply judge from frequency and timing.

Frequency and timing

In frequency, the frequency of current RAM is concentrated between 2000MHz and 3000MHz. Of course, the frequency may be higher. When the RAM frequency becomes higher, the CPU can read and write to the RAM more faster. Of course, the word “fast” does not mean fast speed, but that is huge capacity.

The capacity is huger, if the speed is still low, the higher frequency actually is nothing. Because the time becomes longer. So we need timing.

Timing is the efficiency of loading. The smaller the timing CL is, the higher the loading efficiency is, the faster the goods are loaded, and a large number of goods are transported at one time, then the overall speed of this RAM module can become faster.

Take 2400MHz as an example, the timing of current ordinary DDR4 RAM is approximately between 15 to 17. If the particles are better, the frequency can achieve to more than3000MHz and timing can be behind 12. At the same frequency, the lower timing is better.

It should be mentioned that the frequency of the RAM is not only determined by the RAM itself, but also by the motherboard. We should pay attention to the highest RAM frequency supported by the motherboard.

frequency of the RAM


Single channel often refers to a RAM. If you have two memories or single RAM, you need to know what is dual channels.

If single RAM is two lanes, then dual channel RAM is four lanes. At the same time, running four cars to pull goods is much faster than two cars to pull goods back and forth. That is to say, if two memories form two channels, the bandwidth will nearly double, and the data reading and writing will be faster.

The number of PCB plate

Although the board on the RAM seems to have only one layer, it is actually assembled by many layers. There are generally 8 layers to 10 layers. The more layers the RAM PCB board has, the more stable the RAM is, especially when it is over frequency.

Is the huger RAM better?

People who like playing computer or games may be not familiar with RAM the most part of computer. The main function of RAM in computer is RAM and loading. Many people asked me whether the huger RAM is better and whether the computer speed is faster with huger RAM.

Here I talk about these knowledge. In fact, a high-quality high-speed computer can not be achieved by relying on some hardware. A good computer with superior performance needs to rely on comprehensive performance. We must refer to the performance of CPU and graphic card to choose the size of RAM. Only relying on RAM module alone is inaccessible. But according to the current software and games on the market Play to analyze, the normal 8g RAM is enough. If your CPU is the eighth generation of i5 or i7 full series, the best matching of RAM is 8g + 4G or 8g + 8g. In fact, 16g has been fully luxurious and enough. 32g is wasting. We can’t use that large RAM in normal use, just looking comfortable and having a psychological effect.

8G single RAM

8G single RAM

According to comprehensive analysis of computer RAM matching, 4G RAM is enough in office low-end computer. 8g is enough to play the middle-end computer games such as DNF, Hero League and CrossFire. The high-end computer RAM can be matched with 16g RAM, and can play PUBG MOBILE and other large-scale online games. The super high-end computer can be matched with 32g RAM, mainly for drawing and video editing.

the RAM of desktop and notebook

the RAM of desktop and notebook

In short, everyone knows that the reasonable matching is better than bigger computer RAM. Reasonable matching is both economical and practical. It means nothing to use 16g RAM in your last Pentium CPU, or 4G or 8g RAM in your last i7-8700 U RAM. Don’t you feel sorry for your U RAM? A good performance computer needs reasonable hardware, whether it is performance speed or comprehensive running points will meet your ideal requirements.

dual channels consisted by two 4G RAM

Dual channels consisted by two 4G RAM

Computer supports the RAM capacity algorithm.

When we use computer, we hope that the computer has strong performance. It is no doubt that the computer’s hardware is important. Many DIY users will choose the hardware assemble which has strong performance but high cost performance. But many users tend to choose larger RAM. Generally, we need to consider how much RAM the computer motherboard can support. The users who choose larger capacity will add RAM after using two years. I will teach you to calculate how much RAM your computer motherboard can support. Then you can buy and install it according to your needs!

RAM should be adapted to the motherboard

The size of RAM should be adapted to the motherboard, otherwise it will be the opposite. Here is how to calculate.

1.Use the key of Win and R to open the quick operation, enter the command “CMD” in the operation window, and click enter to confirm, as shown in the figure.

2.After appearing the command prompt window, enter the command wmic mechanical get maxcapacity and press enter. Then a string of numbers will appear, as shown in the figure.

wmic memphysical get maxcapacity

the emerging figure is the maximum RAM supported by motherboard, the unit is KB which is calculated in bytes.

3.The we can use calculator to divide by 1024 to calculate. The result is the maximum RAM supported by the main board of the computer, whose unit is G. As shown below.

maximum RAM supported by motherboard

The first two digits of the calculation result are the maximum RAM supported by the motherboard. My computer motherboard can support the maximum RAM of 16G.

The above is the operation calculation method of how much RAM can be supported by the motherboard of the computer. If you want to add a RAM to the computer, calculate the maximum supported capacity first.

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