The 2021 new MacBook Pro may have SD card slot
The new products that will be released by Apple, Samsung and Huawei in 2021 may all go “retro” and support memory card expansion. This is a great news for some workers who have the needs. But those models are mainly only sold in Europe yet. Whether the version... More >>
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Here comes USB4, and its biggest change is this
USB-IF has released many interface standards before and are very confusing to remember, but the newly released USB4 standard is simple and clarified. It is much faster than previous standards and only use type C interface. This can make our works much easier,... More >>
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There are tips for choosing driving recorder memory card, memorize them so that you can select a reliable micro sd card
Driving recorder is very useful nowadays, you should always get one if you have a car. With it, you can record the views on road and get evidence if run into traffic accident. When purchase memory card for driving recorders, choose the ones that are CLASS 10 a... More >>
Charis Morris post @ April 25, 2021 02:00 views(1518) comments(0)
The time for the father of USB flash drives to make money easy is gone!
Netac used to have strong competitiveness because its founder gained USB flash drive patent. In the past 20 years, all international industry giants have to pay Netac patent fee for each usb thumb drive they made, but now, Netac has to find a new way to suppor... More >>
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After selling Kioxia, Toshiba went on a shopping spree, but its strategy has changed
In recent years, Toshiba’s business performance is going downward. In order to center its resources on its profit-making department, Toshiba has spun off its B2C business including household appliances and personal computers, and withdrew from the oversea nucl... More >>
Amanda Whitepost @ February 17, 2021 09:03 views(1443) comments(0)
The SSD market reaction went crazy. How did this factory achieve a daily production capacity of 30K?
Since SSDs are widely used in our daily life. Many companies started to produce SSDs. Multicore as a foundry can help them produce SSD at a lower cost. It is a one-stop service innovative enterprise focusing on storage product placement, testing, assembly and... More >>
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All 2020 major events and technological breakthroughs that have profound impact on the storage industry are listed here!
Samsung, Kioxia, Western Digital, SK Hynix and other manufacturers has all made changes and breakthroughs in 2020. Some made progress in 3D NAND stack layer, some made breakthrough in 1αnm technology, some had personnel change and some made changes to its busi... More >>
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U393 Solid State USB flash drive: I love this speed!
U393 solid state U disk has both USB3.0 GEN2 and Type-C interface, and can indirectly expand the capacity of mobile phones and notebooks. It has 4 capacity choice and speed competitive with mainstream SATA solid state drive. It is a good choice for consumer in... More >>
Bruno Maioranapost @ January 13, 2021 09:39 views(1429) comments(0)
Why does SSD gets slower after use? The key point is here, do you get it?
Since there is a erasing and writing times limits for every SSD, it inevitably gets slower when written too many times. But it also gets slower when it is too packed. Try reinstall your computer once a while to make it run faster again. More >>
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NEO Semiconductor released a new X-NAND flash memory structure.
The newly released X-NAND flash memory structure can simultaneously allow SLC and QLC programming, therefore it can have larger capacity and faster speed. It achieves this characteristic by changing the 16KB page cache of each plane to 1KB page cache of each p... More >>
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