SD 2.0 Specification
SD 2.0 specification is applied on SDHC cards, so it can have higher capacity and meet the requirements of different application. Cards comply with this specification is not compatible with devices comply with the former SD 1.0/1.1 standard, but devices comply... More >>
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SD card reading/writing module
The SD card reading and writing module has a built-in file system and can directly read and write files. It can be used in single-chip microcomputer to realize mass capacity storage solution. With module, single-chip microcomputer can directly perform standard... More >>
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MMC series memory card
MMC series memory cards were jointly developed by SanDisk and Siemens. They are more cost effective than SmartMedia and Memory Sticks. They are more suitable for mobile phones and other handheld portable devices that require smaller size and longer battery lif... More >>
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How to choose USB cable! You can know it all in this article, and save a lot of money.
The author has given a thorough explanation about the history of USB standard, and has explained why they are named and how they work. It can be foreseen that Type-c cables will perform better in the future. More >>
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How to choose suitable monitoring equipment storage products
The memory for security equipment needs to have high capacity, scalability and compatibility. Since the daily data generated by security recording is very large and the data is generated continuously, we need to use special memory cards for these products. Sec... More >>
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The choice of mobile storage devices. Which one is better to use?
Mobile solid-state hard drives have larger capacity and better performance, and are suitable for storing larger files and data, and can even directly start applications or games directly on it. Usb flash are better because it is small, flexible and easy to use... More >>
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Not enough space to save many short videos?
MRT3C’s new Extreme Light Speed series micro sd has come to the market. In its actual tests, its performance can achieve its official announcements. With its fast speed and large capacity, it is very suitable for many application scenarios. More >>
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In year 2020, all-flash memory was defeated by HDD/hybrid storage for the first time.
In year 2020, all-flash memory was defeated by HDD/hybrid storage for the first time. There are two reasons behind this: First, the extent of price drop in price per terabyte of all-flash storage has slowed down. Second, companies’ budgets on IT have become ev... More >>
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M.2 interface is ready for use, PCIe 4.0 makes PS5 faster, stronger and store more data
Nowadays, games take up a lot of capacity, but with the launch of M.2 interface, it can help PS5 to equip with better expansion cards. With larger capacity, users can have better gaming image and abundant the way to play games, gaining brand new gaming experie... More >>
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Unsatisfied with QLC and PLC, Kioxia plays a big move to discuss OLC flash memory: needs to work in liquid nitrogen environment
In extremely low environment, the noise when reading is significantly reduced, the writing life is prolonged, and data storage time after power failure is increased, so HLC can function well under liquid nitrogen environment. HLC is more cost effective even af... More >>
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