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Our selection for Metal USB Drives provide durable casing for your brand promotion. Customzed Metal Thumb Flash Drives Jump Drivecome in a wide variety of design options, as well as often a variety of finishes.The options for logo printing are varies, such as laser printing, silk printing and full color printing. This Metal Drive also can enjoy free shipping and data preloaded based on wholesale quantity.

The features of Metal USB flash drive

Metal is a solid material; the main characteristics are extremely hard and conducting heat. Obviously, it can do good protection for memory chips and release heat during the working. Therefore, manufacturer adopts many casings in metal frame, this decision leads a booming sale.
Reasonable Lifespan
Nothing can drive an unlimited life, but we extend the life circle by good maintenance. USB drive is consisted of shell and memory chip, the shell can do decorate and protect inner storage. Although any memory sticks have lifespan on read or write, we can use a rugged shell to against shock or fall. Also, there are many subtle components in PCB board, high temperature or strong shake will leave damage. Luckily, Metal USB stick can escape from these. A better shell protection leads a longer life circle.
Premium Finish
Metallic shell is with a smooth touch, it will create a lasting and luscious impression. Furthermore, the design of Metal USB is simple and classic. Not only do metal USB stick have powerful storage, but also it has a practical cover. In contrast to smooth touch, some come in a brushed metallic effect. Although it doesn’t carry a shining face, it is starling if you do with laser engraving.
Brand talker
Bulk memory sticks in this type have a range of styles from 128MB to 2TB. You can request customized logo printing and Pantone color; it is helpful for launching unique products. Your brand can be imprinted in large space, moreover, the shining finish will catch the attention of your clients. Besides it, for industrial market, laser printing can leave a no fading logo. It is another perfect way to give you a persisting sense.
Wholesale Metal USB flash drive has many popular models such as twister, credit card, mini type and so on. Some with swivel lid, some with metal cap, they are fitting for different demands. Some with an oval hole at one end, it easily connects to key chains or lanyards. If you order any models of this storage, you will outshine your competitors. The main function of USB stick is to load and transfer data. When you connect it to the PC or laptop, thinner metal housing can help dissipate the heat. Plastic shell will be tough to do the same. All in all, Metal USB drive is the ideal USB stick to your valuable clients, they use it as a gift. As no one will reject a delicate and solid look, everyone will accept stylish and durable memory stick.
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