January 15th 2023

What brand of USB Flash Driver is good? Here are some shopping tips for USB Flash Driver disks!

With the development of technology,Custom USB flash drive has also become much more popular than before. The current USB flash drive market is unprecedentedly hot. We now face many USB flash drive products with different brands and functions, what brand of USB flash drive is good? Let us take a look today.

what brand of USB flash drive is good?

There is no best, only better. I have used many types of USB flash drives, for example, Kingston, Toshiba, Teclast, Disney, Lenovo, Tsinghua Unisplendour, Hyundai, etc. Fairly speaking, when comparing different brands of USB flash drive, the ones made in Japan has better quality. The Kingston has too many fake ones in the market. Domestic USB flash drives constantly have small problems. The quality of Teclast’s USB flash drives is not bad among all domestic USB flash drives.

It is recommended to buy USB flash drives with a long warranty. Why is that? Because the longer they dare to guarantee, the more confident they are about its product quality, otherwise if the product always have problems, the company will be annoyed all the time!

brand of USB flash drive

what brand of USB Flash Driver is good?

Top ten USB Flash Driver brands list:

Kingston Kingston USB Flash Driver (found in 1987 US, global memory leading manufacturer, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

Aigo aigo USB Flash Driver (found in 1993 Beijing, famous brand in China, A-list brand, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

Lenovo lenovo USB Flash Driver (famous brand in China, Lenovo Group Co., Ltd., global PC leader)

Netac Netac USB Flash Driver (found in 1999 Shenzhen, famous mobile storage brand, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

Apacer Apacer USB Flash Driver (found in 1997 Taiwan, famous digital memory brand, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

Newmine Newsmy USB Flash Driver (found in 1996 Beijing, flagship national enterprise in digital industry, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

Teclast TECLAST USB Flash Driver (found in 2000 Guangzhou, well-known IT brand, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

SanDisk SanDisk USB Flash Driver (one of the world’s largest suppliers of flash memory products, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

PNY PNY USB Flash Driver (found in 1985 US, industry leader, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

ADATA ADATA USB Flash Driver (found in 2001 Taiwan, in world’s leading position, top ten USB Flash Driver brand)

USB Flash Drivers

what brand of USB Flash Driver is good?

U disks shopping tips:

See its manual work and brand

Although USB Flash Driver is just a small thing with a fairly cheap price, the quality of its manual work can be seen from a glance or felt by a single touch. The inferior ones have rough outer covering and poor durability. The good USB Flash Drivers have better shell material so it will have a beautiful appearance, and most importantly protect the chips inside. The good ones usually feel better and is delicate. Of course, the price will be higher, but the price of the USB Flash Driver itself is not expensive. Therefore, there is no need to choose a poor product to save a little money. Usually brand USB Flash Driver does better in this respect. After all, brands pay attention to their reputation.

See the after sales service

Although USB Flash Driver with better quality rarely broke, the quality of after-sales service should always be considered. Many forums or shopping websites today sell USB 3.0 USB Flash Drivers DIYed by master. It is undeniable that the materials and performance of these U-disks are all in good quality, and have high performance to price ratio. However, these U-disks are produced by individuals, it is difficult to guarantee after-sales service. If you want to buy such U-disks, you need to judge them well. Therefore, try to buy USB Flash Drivers in a regular places, and you can feel released.

USB Flash Driver with better quality

what brand of wood USB Flash Driver is good

First, look at the capacity and interface of the USB Flash Driver

This is not simply look at the nominal 32G, 64G and other labeling capacity of USB Flash Drivers, you need to see the actual available capacity left after the USB Flash Driver is formatted, this is the actual size. Many USB Flash Driver manufacturers mark the USB Flash Driver with a large capacity on the appearance of the product, but the actual space may be much smaller. For example, if we buy a 4G USB Flash Driver, the internal program of the USB Flash Driver will take up some space, so normally the USB Flash Driver can have an actual storage space around 3.8G, but the actual capacity of some manufacturers’ USB Flash Driver may be 3.5G or even lower, we need to pay attention to this. We can check the actual storage through computer system, after connecting the USB Flash Driver to a computer, click the USB flash drive with the right mouse, you can see the real capacity from its property.

See the transmission speed

It is so unprofessional to buy a USB3.0 USB Flash Driver without checking its transmission speed. After all, the main reason to buy a USB3.0 USB Flash Driver is to transfer data faster. Although USB 3.0 is just a new interface standard, users are still interested in its speed. Therefore, bring a file transfer speed measurement software, such as CrystalDiskMark, when you make your purchase. Plug in the USB Flash Driver, open the software, click on Test Data Default (Random) to start speed measurement, then we can see the relevant speed results.

USB3.0 USB Flash Driver

what brand of USB Flash Driver is good

Look at the internal chipset

Chipset is the core of the USB Flash Driver, it not only determines the quality but also determines the performance of the USB Flash Driver. The chip is mainly determined by the flash particle manufacturers, particle type, etc. One of the most useful pieces of information is the particle type. The best type is SLC, then MLC, and TLC is the cheapest. This information is available on ChipGenius. After plugging in the USB flash drive, you can check it by find the USB port connected to the flash drive among numerous USB ports which connected device.

What should I do if I cannot open my USB Flash Driver?

1. Check if there is any problem with the USB port of your computer, see if it can read other USB devices?

2. See if your computer prohibits the automatic operation of removable device. If it cannot be opened by double-clicking, try open it by other means. For example, open it with winrar, pull down the address bar and find the removable disk, see if you can browse the files inside.

Analysis: Since the USB Flash Driver can be opened by company’s computer, then the USB Flash Driver has no problem, you can consider the two options above. Also you can check the mainboard of your computer. If it is very old, it may not support USB Flash Driver with large capacity. Check whether there is alarm from anti-virus software, when your USB Flash Driver is connected to the computer. If it is infected by a Trojan, virus or something else, a file similar to autorun.inf may appear. You can’t open the USB Flash Driver by double-clicking it, if such file run automatically. You can kill the virus in the USB Flash Driver through anti-virus software. I wish you good luck. This problem is very easy to solve.

Above is all the information about what brand of USB Flash Driver is good. I hope it can help everyone.

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